Follow Friday: Relevant Magazine

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Follow Friday
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What? You haven’t heard of Relevant Magazine yet? Well, it’s time you did!

Relevant is not your typical Christian magazine or website. The very name itself is self-explanatory: this is about things that are, well, relevant to the modern-day Christian. Oftentimes, we tend to separate our “Christian life” with our “secular life”. Relevant “explores the intersection of faith and pop culture with the tagline “God. Life. Progressive Culture.”

They feature movies, music, TV shows and other pop culture phenomenon that are not necessarily of the Christian variety, but which everyone talks about. And what they do is examine these things, and not in a holier-than-thou attitude, but in a way where it is both fun, thought-provoking and in a sense, faith-strengthening.

There’s so much to explore in their website that sometimes some of us get lost in it for a few hours (well, it can constitute research right?)

There are the articles, the online radio, the online music video/live performance channel, the podcast (a personal favorite of mine – Ed.), the outreaches, the store, the magazine itself and so much more!

Plus, they have all these awesome guest writers

And as founder and CEO Cameron Strang says

“… we’re just a group of people like you who are asking questions, living life to its fullest, seeking God, having fun, trying to reach people and impact the world around us. And the magazine reflects that.”
Tell us if you read/have read Relevant and what do you like about it

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