Tuesday Tips for Writers: Embrace the Interwebs

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Tuesday Tips for Writers
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Gone are the days when all you need to successfully publish a book is to write it, send it to a publisher (or publish it yourself), do a small book launch and then just wait (and sometimes beg) for people to buy your book.

But since we now live in a digital world, instead of considering the internet the enemy of writers, let us embrace it and use it to our full advantage.

For those who are not familiar with how the interwebs (that’s a nickname for the internet by the way) and the different online media work, here are some tips on how you can use them to either promote your works or to enhance your writing career.


Blogs are easier to maintain than websites (unless you have that great talent to actually put up your own website) and they are now easily accepted as a writer’s resume/sample works. To “force” yourself to write here on a regular basis, create regular categories that you’ll post on certain days, like Truth Thursdays or Music Mondays or Feature Friday (or kinda like what we’re doing here on our blog).


Aside from simply promoting your book/blog, you can also create contests (give away a chapter of your book or your actual book as prizes), post questions to encourage discussions/debates, get honest comments on some of your writings, read through statuses to get an idea of what people are thinking about. You can also join different writers and book lover groups that can help you with research and even editing your works.


While your book is still in development, tweet an interesting sentence from it each day to get feedback. If you’re working on a fiction book, you can post teasers to get your followers hooked. If you want to establish a recognizable identity, choose a theme for your tweets (eg. Stuff Women Really Like, Funny Christian Pick-Up Lines, etc) and tweet everyday about stuff related to your theme. You can also use Twitter Search to look for people who are talking about topics your book/s cover.


If your target audience are the younger ones (high school and some college students), then you still need to have a presence here.


This is also a good venue if you want to network with the younger, hipster crowd and if you have an artsy aspect to your book.


This is a social networking site for writers and book lovers where you can publish sample chapters that people can download for free (publish only those that you don’t mind giving away). You can also download other writers’ free stuff for inspiration.


You can share stuff that you’re reading and meets lots of book lovers who are very active in promoting new writers that they believe in, even if they aren’t published yet.


A book trailer doesn’t have to be that expensive or time-consuming. Just a few simple graphics, a little basic editing and short but sweet lines and presto, you have a book trailer! You can also use youtube to create content-based marketing materials (like how-to’s or Top 10 stuff) to help promote your book and writings.

There is so much more you can do on the interwebs. Maybe we’ll do a part two of this post next year to let you know about other stuff we’ve discovered. Happy Writing!


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