Review Thursday: Bridal Book Reviews 2 OMF Lit Books on Marriage

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Review Thursday
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We’re re-posting a few parts of the Bridal Book review on 2 OMF Lit books that can help couples-to-be prepare for marriage: 10 Principles for a Happy Marriage by Selwyn Hughes and The Family You’ve Always Wanted by Gary Chapman. So if you’re planning to get married soon, or if you’re married already, or even if marriage is still far away in your plans (you can never start too early), these are books that can help you on your journey.


Marriage Preparation: Books To Guide Your Marriage

Two books from OMF literature help soon-to-weds get a headstart on planning their lives together.
Posted on: 29 December 2010
Author: Zei Bernardo
Listed in Sections: Marriage Preparation
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With the challenges brought about by work, finances and the everyday grind, nurturing relationships with your spouse and your family has become even more challenging. But two books from OMF Literature Inc. help couples and families make life better for the ones they love. Soon-to-weds might find the advice valuable as they build the foundation for their life together as husband and wife.


10 Principles for a Happy Marriage by Selwyn Hughes

10 Principles for a Happy Marriage by Selwyn Hughes is a simple, but very helpful book. It outlines 10 ways on how married couples can make their marriage sweeter and one that is worthy in the eyes of God. The book is centered on the faith-life of the married couple and how it is reflected in their actions and words towards each other. The author constantly relates each of the principles to a verse from the Bible to further strengthen the importance of clinging to faith and keeping God at the center of the marriage.

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Gary Chapman’s The Family You’ve Always Wanted aims to help people in achieving the ideal family–one that is stable and full of love. Similar to the first book, this also uses biblical passages and scripture to depict how families can improve their relationships with each other  and create a happy and healthy home.

Chapman gives five characteristics of a healthy family environment where each of the family members practice an attitude of service, and parents have a special intimate relationship with each other. From that bond stems a great love not only between the husband and wife, but  one that is also imbibed by their children and spreads all over the home.

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