Book Monday: Glo – The Bible for the Digital World

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Book Monday
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For the rest of January, since we are in the midst of the I Read, I Breathe, I Live God’s Word sale, we will be featuring different kinds of Bibles for our Book Monday feature. To know more about our sale, click here.


Okay, technically, it’s not a book per se. Oh, but it’s so much more! If you’re one of those digitally-inclined people, this is the perfect gift for yourself, even though it’s not Christmas anymore.

Here are just some of the neat feature of Glo

  • The content of the Bible in its natural order – canonically.
  • Quickly drill down to a chapter faster than a paper Bible – within 2 clicks through a natural-feeling zoomable interface.
  • Once into the pages of scripture, displays resources and media related to each verse.
  • 4 popular translations – NIV, ESV, The Message and KJV.

Aside from the Bible, it has also other cool stuff that you can use to deepen your study of the Word


  • The content of the Bible distributed geographically.
  • See where the major stories of the Bible happened on an atlas along with map overlays, tours, photos and expert video.
  • Navigate with a zoomable, pan-able online-maps style interface.


  • The content of the Bible distributed chronologically.
  • See where the events happened in context with one another through a zoomable interface.


  • The content of the Bible organized by media type.
  • Browse biblical content by media type, including our vast collection of videos, virtual realities, photos and much more.


  • The content of the Bible distributed in a topical network.
  • Addresses major life questions of the Christian faith.
  • Find biblical content by topic, person, place or thing through a zoomable interface.

Browse and Filter

You can also use these 5 lenses to filter content. Say you want to see what Jesus had to say on the subject of redemption during the Passion Week in Jerusalem. What would be an otherwise impossible search can be done quickly, visually and intuitively with Glo. Each lens is integrated so when you’re reading, you can also explore without losing your place. Once you see the full picture, your understanding grows.

In keeping with the spirit of Glo, here are some videos to fully understand why you can “experience the Bible like never before” with this amazing software


Glo is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops for P3950. Limited stocks only. Get 20% off when you buy until January 31, 2011

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