Tuesday Tips for Writers: Why You Should Still Blog

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Tuesday Tips for Writers
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In this age of the social network (not the movie), a lot of writers and social media pundits are asking if blogs are still relevant or if 140 characters or a status message has already taken over writers’ self-expression.

But if you ask us, we still want to encourage aspiring (and even established) writers to still blog to their heart’s content. And here are some of the reasons why

  • Practice Makes Perfect – one of those things that you’ll get better at if you do it often is writing. So if you want to write a book someday, blogging is the perfect way to hone your craft
  • Express Yourself – how else can a writer express him/her self than through words? And 140 characters sometimes is a good exercise but seems so very limited don’t you think?
  • I Do Declare – when you publish a blog entry about your dreams, plans, wishes, then you’re also making a public declaration which can push yourself into actually taking steps to fulfill these, instead of them just remaining in your head and heart
  • Brand Building – Even though it’s your personal blog, you still are selling a product: yourself. A lot of writing-related jobs ask for an online resume now instead of a portfolio. And you really don’t want just statuses on your resume right?
  • Personal Exercise – discipline. commitment. satisfaction. growth. creativity. These are just some of the values that you can develop and exercise through blogging
  • Extra Moolah – We’re not saying you should quit your day job for blogging (unless your blog has a gazillion hits and offers are beating down your door) but you can also earn a little extra on the side while doing something you love.
  • Meet the World – If you’re really good at promoting (and tagging) your blog and people other than your siblings or your friends read it, chances are, you’ll virtually meet people from different walks of life and from different parts of the world. It’s fun exchanging comments and ideas with people you normally wouldn’t meet or talk to in real life

So have we convinced you yet to start a blog or continue blogging? If you have a blog that focuses on writing and books, send us the link so we can put in our blog roll (and hope you link us too!)

  1. Cathy says:

    I feel that way sometimes, too–that people aren’t so much into reading longer stuff because of Twitter and Facebook notes which are relatively shorter and easier to access.

    But it’s also true that you can’t really express your heart and everything you’ve got to say in 140 characters all the time and people will be searching for more.

    I am so blessed when someone leaves me a message and says they have been inspired, even when I’ve just poured a little part of my heart or shared a little testimony. When you know you’ve done you’re part in sharing the Word of God, even just in blogging, the feeling is priceless!

    I’m writing a blog for Christian girls! http://www.periwinkleconfessions.blogspot.com

    • omflit says:

      Thanks for sharing Cathy! And yes, nothing beats the feeling of being able to touch a life through your writing and sharing what God is doing in your life

  2. John Pesebre says:

    //”Extra Moolah – We’re not saying you should quit your day job for blogging (unless your blog has a gazillion hits and offers are beating down your door) but you can also earn a little extra on the side while doing something you love.”//

    One can maximize the potential of blogging if one can use that in his job. For example, a teacher can blog about how to do things, i.e., write reaction papers, book reports, doctrinal statements. The teacher’s students can look that up and be instructed online. When they submit their papers it would be based on the guidelines the teacher gave.

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