Review Thursday: Their Favorite OMF Lit Books from 2010

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Review Thursday
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Here are the winners of our New Year, New Books promo as they talk about their favorite OMF Lit books from 2010. Thanks for joining! Watch out for more awesome contests like this!


Deborah Mae

The Five Love Languages is not just for someone looking for a romantic relationship but it is everybody’s must read book

“Everyone has a God-given desire for complete and unconditional love, and lonely is the one who searches for that kind of love in marriage alone.”

This is the lesson that I learned in reading Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages Singles Edition and this has become one of my favorite books from 2010.  It helps me a lot to deal with my emotions and affections in friendships, working relationships, relationships with my family members and I guess reading it helps me to realize that I finally found  God’s best bonus, my significant other  By reading this book I realized that my primary love language is quality time.  I always recommend it to my friends who ask me about relationship issues, so that like me the book might help them understand how they and others communicate love in a way that can transform any relationship.

Ma-Anne Escobar

“The words hang in the air like a just-rung bell. ‘Who do you say that I am?’ Silence settles on the horseshoe of followers. Nathanael clears his throat. Andrew ducks his eyes. John chews on a fingernail. Judas splits a blade of grass. He won’t speak up. Never does. Peter will. Always does. But he pauses first. Jesus’ question is not new to him.” from Max Lucado’s “Next Door Savior”

This book reminded me of how close and personal God is. There’s no person He won’t touch and no place He won’t go. Jesus is both man and God. As a man, he felt, thought and acted as we do, and since He is God, He saved us.



Alpha Pascual

Just for Today by Harold Sala was my companion every morning of 2010. The author doesn’t know me but he was my mentor. God’s Word and his writings spoke to me everyday reminding me to face the day with God’s strength, love and grace. At times, when I feel lost and shattered in the labyrinth of life, Mr. Sala kept on telling me that JUST for TODAY, God will never leave me and He will keep His promises.

“Please God, just help me get through this day!”

Have you ever prayed like that? Sure, who hasn’t? Forget tomorrow. Forget next week or next month; just help me cope today. While the Bible make wonderful promises that give hope for tomorrow, it seems to me that the greater focus is on God’s help and strength for today.


Suzanne Villanueva

Worry, resentment, fear, guilt, anxiety, envy. Just some of the unnecessary baggage that we chose to carry everyday. It does not need to be that way. We can be free from these useless luggage and live a joy-filled life if we turn to the Good Shepherd, and allow Him to give us rest. This is the message imparted to us by Max Lucado’s Traveling Light, where he thoroughly discussed in a unique and candid way the revelation behind Psalm 23.


“Rest from the burden of a small god. Why? Because I have found the Lord.

Rest from doing things my way. Why? Because the Lord is my Shepherd.

Rest from endless wants. Why? Because I shall not want.

Rest from weariness. Why? Because He makes me to lie down.

Rest from worry. Why? Because He leads me.

Rest from hopelessness. Why? Because He restores my soul.

Rest from guilt. Why? Because He leads me in the paths of righteousness.

Rest from arrogance. Why? Because of His name’s sake.

Rest from the valley of death. Why? Because He walks me through it.

Rest from the shadow of grief. Why? Because He guides me.

Rest from fear. Why? Because His presence comforts me.

Rest from loneliness. Why? Because He is with me.

Rest from shame. Why? Because He has prepared a place for me in the presence of my enemies.

Rest from my disappointments. Why? Because He anoints me.

Rest from envy. Why? Because my cup overflows.

Rest from doubt. Why? Because He follows me.

Rest from homesickness. Why? Because I will dwell in the house of my Lord forever.”

– Traveling Light by Max Lucado


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