Review Thursday: Stef Reviews Soul Revolution

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Review Thursday
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I have to confess that it was the cover blurb that got me hooked on Soul Revolution, “How imperfect people become all God intended.” And the cover photo was a tattooed arm holding a Bible! For an imperfect person striving to do her best in her Christian walk (and who wants a tattoo of her own)—even after being a Christian all her life (I grew up in a Christian family, grew up in church, went to a Christian school, have Christian friends)—it’s exactly what I needed to hear (or read, in this case).  This was a year ago, and after passing the book around among my friends and pastor for the rest of 2010, I got it back for a second read.

Author and Pastor John Burke gives us a proposal to go on an adventure: the “60-60 Experiment.” This experiment challenges the participants to touch base with God through prayer and reflection every 60 minutes for 60 days. You can do this by setting alarm on your watch (a cellphone, in my case) to beep every 60 minutes to remind you. This is all to get you started on a lifelong habit of praying continually and being even more intimate with God, and just see how you grow. Burke provides questions and suggestions in each chapter to help you along.

The heart of the book though, is real life stories of the people in his church—Gateway. These are lives transformed—how God drew them into a relationship with Him. I love it how Burke writes from this rich resource of stories and digs his hands into all the noise of spiritual health books, shakes out the religion and complications until all but the very basic message remain—we follow Christ.

I have been on the 60-60 experiment, I have even blogged about it.  Burke warned that it’s not as easy as it looks, and he was right—I would fail more than succeed. But failure shouldn’t hinder me from intentionally abiding in Him through prayer throughout the day. What I found is a new sense of intimacy with my Savior and King, and I didn’t even know how I got there.

I encourage every Christian embark on the 60-60 experiment-adventure. And I highly recommend the book. It’s insightful without leaving you with the feeling of inadequacy. It’s very practical for something so spiritual. And Burke writes like you’re listening to an old friend who genuinely accepts you just as you are—spots and all—and gives you a much-needed boost on your way to becoming all God intended you to be.

Reviewed by Stef Juan, Godspotter
(Who is still not perfect, but that hasn’t stopped God from loving her. Thank God.)

You can read more of Stef’s writing in her blog, Godspotted

Soul Revolution is available at selected OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide. You can check with the bookshop nearest you if there are still copies available


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