Book Monday: 101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Book Monday
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To those who are on the brink of getting engaged or who plan to get engaged in the near future, this is the book for you.

Are you ready to walk down the aisle? How can I be sure? Is this person really right for me?

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. The key to successful marriage is getting to know your partner before you take the plunge. Relationship expert and noted couples counselor Norm Wright steers potential brides and grooms through a series of soul–searching questions to discern if they’ve really met “the One.”

Here are just a few sample questions that you can think about and maybe convince you to read the book in its entirety (our comments in italics)


2. What is your greatest fear or concern about being married? What have you done to address these concerns?

Being afraid of such a big step is normal, and it is better to face them now than for them to haunt you when you’re finally married, right?


18. What do you think are God’s purposes for marriage?

Some verses to meditate on:

Genesis 1:27-28, 2:18, 21-24

Ephesians 5:22-23


35. What are the “must have” and “must not have” qualities in a person you may want to spend your life with?

While some are not comfortable with making a “shopping list” for a partner, it is important to have standards of course and to match this list with who you are and what you can offer to your partner.


58. How much do you value your “personal time” – time to yourself to reflect, study or recreate?

You have to accept the fact that when you get married, you will have to learn to adjust and share your time. How much are you willing to give up and to compromise with your future mate? Being an extrovert or introvert would have its upsides and downsides when forming a new unit.


66. How would you complete these sentences?

“In a marriage, a wife should….”

“In a marriage, a husband should…”

Are your expectations set in stone already or are you willing to adjust your viewpoint? Discuss them now while you’re still thinking about it or you might be surprised at the arguments that can arise from “set-in-stone” expectations on married life.


75. What television programs or movies have made an impact in your life and in what way?

You don’t need to have the same tastes when it comes to pop culture, but it would be good to know about what are each others’ tastes. A lot of future dinner table conversations will revolve around these topics.


89. What are the passions in life you would love doing,  and which of those would be meaningful to you if I were to do?

Being married doesn’t necessarily mean giving up things you were passionate about, but looking at how you can try the others passion or discovering something new you can do together


95. If I messed up in a decision, whether in business or just in general, how would you share your frustration about my decision with me?

This early you should find out how to deal with each others mistakes and also how to deal with the you reactions to future mistakes.


101. What do you envision in the future for this relationship?

After you answer this question and all the 100 questions before this, you can have a clearer picture already as to where this relationship is heading, and whether you should continue or back out now while it’s not too late.


101 Questions To Ask Before You Get Engaged
H.Norman Wright

Price: P 150.00  (US$ 3.33)
ISBN: 9789710090563

Cover: Paperback
Available: Yes

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