Tuesday Tips: How God Can Straighten Up Your Messy Love Life

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Tuesday Tips for Writers
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We posted this almost a year ago and since Valentine’s is just around the corner, we wanted to re-post this. And to give you an update, just a few weeks ago, Owie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Audrey!

Today, we are posting not the usual tips for writers. In keeping with the love theme for February, here are some tips on how to straighten up your confused love life, or more specifically, how to wait on the Lord when it comes to your love life. This piece is written by someone who has been there and has done that,Owie Burns who just a few months ago became Owie Burns dela Cruz. You can also share with us your own tips by commenting on this post. Thanks Owie for sharing your story with us


When I became a Christian in 2007, I kept on hearing about all these love stories which seemed too good to be true. It was all too picture-perfect and you know what?  I wanted it! Who wouldn’t? After everything I’ve been through (a.k.a. an extremely messy and eventful love life), it was a beautiful picture I wanted to hold on to. Friends kept on reminding me that God designed that one specific person for me, he was perfectly made for me and it was all a matter of time, God’s perfect time, until we enjoy the love story God’s written for us. Often times, I FELT that I was ready for a relationship. (yeah right!)  I kept on telling God that I was ready. I even remember yelling in my car one night “Yoohoo! God!!!! What’s taking so long?! What about me???’” Yes, I was very impatient!Wait, can I see a show of hands if you’ve ever gotten to the point where you want to cover your ears whenever people say “WAIT” every time you bring up anything about your love life?As if it’s the easiest thing to do, right? I know what it’s like and yes, it’s NOT easy to wait BUT tell you what, it’s true what they say, it really IS worth the wait! Timing really IS important. (As they say, the right person at the wrong time is still the wrong person.)

Like I mentioned earlier, I know what it means to have an extremely messy love life. Single mom at 23 and ultra lost (trust me, there is such a state!). Things changed for me when I started walking with the Lord, when I depended on Jesus instead of just another guy. I noticed so many changes the moment I said “Yes, I want to be in a relationship….with You, Jesus.” From not knowing the person I stared at in the mirror, to slowly knowing who I really am and what I’m about. From thinking that I’ll be “lucky” if any guy would at least accept me and my son to BELIEVING that I was no less than God’s princess and that I was precious in God’s eyes so guys MUST treat me and my son well, and from not knowing what I wanted (except to be in a relationship and be loved) to sitting down night after night, talking to God and writing to Him about what I dream of in a husband. From jumping from one relationship to another to being proud of the months that go by that I am not in a relationship with any man because I am WAITING for my husband (coz I just knew that he’s out there, somewhere and that he’s gonna show up on time!). Faith. That’s what helped meWAIT for “the one.” The more I spent time getting to know the Lord, the more He revealed who I am and the more I knew who I am, the more I knew what I wanted in my partner so when we finally crossed paths – I had no doubt whatsoever that he was the guy I was praying for, that he’s that specific person designed for me. We both just knew.

On the night I decided to commit to my husband, God spoke to me so clearly (“This was exactly what you prayed for before remember? That you didn’t want to see it coming, that you wanted to be surprised…and God just reminded me about all my secret requests which HE only knew – it was all right before me!) I was in awe, who wouldn’t be?!

If I didn’t spend time with God, I don’t know what would have happened. All I know is that I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone – I know so because I tried a gazillion times before and I failed. When I stepped back and asked God to take over – he wrote the perfect love story for me. But first God showed me what it’s like to be wooed by Him, to be loved by Him – and after basking in all that, I finally became ready to identify who and what God had prepared for me.

A friend once told me that the more she spent time with her husband, the more she said to herself that God really knows her type.  Now, when I look at my husband, I know exactly what my friend meant. Trust God. You may not know what you really want, but believe me, He knows exactly what you want. He knows your type and only He can straighten up your messed up love life.


Owie Burns is the Publishing Department Head of The Edge Media

She is also all of the below:

  • Will not say no to apple pie. Ever.
  • Loves making coffee for everyone who walks into the Edge studios
  • Blogs!!! http://mommyowie.wordpress.com and http://owieburns.wordpress.com
  • Is super in-love with her 5 year old son, Kristo
  • Enjoys dubbing for a soap opera and sometimes voices TV and radio commercials too
  • Loves sitting in the corner of café to read a good book
  • Loves the sun and wants a tan.
  • Working on her fear of math.
  • Does not like pink.
  • Is a good driver. Really.
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  2. I can so much relate. I am twenty-five when I had my baby last year and yes, a single mom. It’s really a tough roller-coaster ride regarding my love life.

    Things are still hazy but I trust the Lord that He will make things clear to me in the following days.

    Regardless of whether or not I will have a future partner, I so know in my heart that I need to be immersed in God’s love first and be content with Him.

    If there is someone for me, I would thank the Lord. If there isn’t, I would still praise Him simply because He deserves it.

    Getting back on the right track, thank you for sharing Mommy Owie’s story. I am inspired. I needed this. Thank the Lord for you…

    • omflit says:

      Hi Ghaylie

      Thank you for sharing briefly your story here. We’re glad that Owie’s story has blessed and inspired you. We pray that as your story unfolds that God will reveal more of Himself to you and to your kid and even to your family. It really is tough but His grace is sufficient and abundant. God bless you

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