Author Wednesday: A Parent’s Reflection by Dr. Ruth Chang

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Author Wednesday
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Life is not meant to be lived fast-forward.

Pause for a moment…

Read books that are good for your soul…

Reflect  on your life…

This is the first of a series of articles written by our home-grown OMF Lit authors to help you reflect on the things that are essential, in the midst of a world that is constantly on the go. May you be inspired to

Pause. Read. Reflect


A Parent’s Reflection by Ruth Chang

The world today is experiencing a lot of turmoil.  The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan and the unrest all over the Middle East and Africa are fresh reminders that life is so fragile and we do not control tomorrow.  As we focus our attention on what Jesus did on the cross to bring salvation to mankind and how he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, let us remember that He is the only source of peace in our hearts when things around us are falling apart.  I often wonder how I would cope in our world today if I do not have Jesus in my life. Jesus knows that living on this earth means we will face pain, tragedies and difficulties. So, he calls us to trust Him to get us through and live well despite these challenges.   In John, He said, “In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” He assures us that He is the ultimate Victor.  No tragedy can separate us from Him.

Who is Jesus to me?  Is He really my Savior and Lord? Do I truly believe that He died and rose again for me?  If that is the case, then I can have the assurance of His presence because He said He will be with me to the end of the time (Matt. 28:20).  Do I have this assurance?  Do I have this assurance that He will also be my children’s Lord, Protector and Savior?  What does this mean about my responsibility as a parent?  It means that the most important responsibility that I have is to let them know Jesus and teach them to put their trust in Him.  In whatever we say and do, we need to show our children what it means to trust in Jesus.  Then, when troubles come, they, too, will experience that inner peace that only Jesus can provide in the midst of chaos and tragedy.

In my book, How to Win your Child’s Heart, I emphasized the importance of bringing our children to the Lord because we cannot be with them 24/7.  Only Jesus can.  The disasters around again remind us of this truth.  Now, there are many orphaned children in Japan. Their parents died in the quake and tsunami. Their parents could no longer be with them to face the future.  Not only are they orphaned, many of them have lost friends and classmates to the earthquake and tsunami.  The reality of death is something that can cause a lot of fear and trauma in children.  But, if they know Jesus and there is hope of heaven because of Him, this fear of death can be overcome.  I hope and pray that there will be people who will go to those tragedy filled places and introduce these hurting kids to Jesus.

I had a niece who had a rare disease since birth.  Her parents knew she could leave this earth any time.  What these parents did from the time this girl could understand words, was to introduce her to Jesus.  So, even at the age of three, she had a deep assurance that there is nothing to fear about death.  After her grandfather died, she often said, “Grandpa is already in heaven waiting for me.”  She had no fear of death at all.  Because of this, she was not preoccupied with death.  Her frequent hospital stays became opportunities to minister to other dying children telling them about Jesus.  She died at the age of fourteen.  How precious her brief life was and she was such a blessing to other children and their parents.  This was because she knew Jesus.

As we think of the great price that was paid for our sins and for us to have peace, let us with humble hearts worship our Lord Jesus and once again dedicate our lives to live for Him and influence our children and others to know Him.  Let us pause during these next few days to reflect with our children the significance of what happened during Holy Week and what it means to us today- peace in the midst of trouble.


Dr. Ruth Chang is a doctor of psychology. Aside from her private practice, she has worked for different Christian counseling centers and schools. She has taught marriage courses in different graduate programs, including Marriage Counselling, Marriage Mentoring and Marriage Enrichment. In 2005, she founded AGAFIL Inc, a non-profit organization devoted to helping marriages and families.

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