Book Monday: Life on Planet Mom and Quick Tips on Taking Care of the Big 6

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Book Monday
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Mother’s Day is just 6 days away and so for the entire week, we’ll be posting about, what else, mothers?

For today’s book recommendation, we present to you Lisa Bergren’s Life on Planet Mom, a down to earth guide to your changing relationships!

As the book blurb says:

Becoming a mom affects your relationships with everyone–your spouse, your parents, your friends, and even God. During this time of life, you need to feel nurtured and loved by solid connections you can trust. But in the chaos of raising children, cultivating relationships can take a backseat to just getting the kids fed and to school on time.

Author Lisa T. Bergren helps busy moms like you prioritize your relationships with others and offers practical ideas to enhance your six key relationships: with self, spouse, friends, family of origin, community, and God. With in-depth research, heartfelt personal experience, and expert advice, Bergren shows you how to keep vital relationships during the parenting years.

Whether you have just brought home a new baby or you’re still trying to find your footing raising young children, you will benefit from the wisdom found in this book.

In the last part of the book, the author talks about setting aside 30 minutes everyday for a quick touch on  “the big six” or the 6 most important things in your life.

“Ignored relationships can become wounded relationships, which in the long run will take your energy to heal. So what if you spent five minutes, just five minutes, of each day, taking care of the big six: God, self, spouse, extended family, friends, community/world? I’m talking thirty minutes to take basic care of your most important relationships. Do it when the kids are napping, before they wake in the morning, or right after they go to bed at night. You can set a timer if you want, to keep yourself on track. And if you’re a career mom, you could do this every day during your lunch hour.”

Here are some examples of what you can do on those five minutes, based on the book, and based on some ideas we gathered


  • Find a short daily devotional to read
  • Talk to Him about a specific aspect of your life everyday
  • Write down how you feel about Him today


  • Write down things you want to do when you have more time
  • Try a new coffee flavor / fruit shake/dessert you’ve been dying to taste
  • Quiet time, just thinking about the devotional you just read


  • Email your husband, telling him that he’s one of your blessings
  • Make a short, creative post-it note thanking him for something he did today
  • Buy a small item in your cafeteria or store, as a “pasalubong” for your spouse

Extended family

  • Create a family group on Facebook and spend 5 minutes everyday to post something on that group
  • Make a quick call to a random family member, just saying that you were thinking of him/her
  • Spend 5 minutes everyday finishing a special project for your mother or father


  • Organize a daily  group chat with your college friends (time it during lunch break)
  • Write an actual letter and send via snail mail as a surprise for one of your friends
  • Post a random picture of a random friend on FB or Twitter and say that you’re thinking of her


  • Subscribe to a trusted blog, newsletter, or paper that addresses issues that matter to you
  • Pick up an actual newspaper and read on the issues relevant to your community
  • Spend 5 minutes everyday reading a non-fiction book on a world issue that is close to your heart


Life on Planet Mom is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, but with limited copies only


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