Tuesday Tips: How to Make Reading Part of Your Summer (or what’s left of it)

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Tuesday Tips for Writers

Unless you’re not in the Philippines right now, it’s obvious to everyone that summer has been here for months (and seems to not want to leave!) Students are in vacation mode, office people are filing leaves to go out of town and families are planning reunions and beach get-aways.

It’s easy to be caught up in the excitement of planning all these activities. It’s also normal to get annoyed with the weather and the traffic and even the lack of holidays and vacation time for the working people. It’s equally common to get distracted and lose focus when your mind is daydreaming about surfing or climbing a mountain or lounging by a swimming pool.

And so we’d like to remind you, whether you’re at work or school or on vacation, to take some time to Pause, Read and Reflect. Here are a few suggestions on how you can still incorporate reading in the midst of everything.

Escape the heat with your book

Is it too hot to stay in your house? Why not seek refuge in an air-conditioned coffeeshop for a few hours? Don’t forget to bring a book along with you. Make it a quiet and leisurely reading time by leaving other distractions at home; meaning no laptop or tablets or game consoles and if you’re brave enough, no cell phone. It will just be you, your book and your coffee.

Storytelling Hour

Are your kids getting a bit restless, waiting for the days until your family outing? Organize a once a week storytelling hour. Invite your neighbour’s kids. Make pre and post interactive storytelling activities. Serve small, yummy refreshments. Choose books that are fun but will also teach them life-long values. Your storytelling hour might just become the “it” activity in your neighbourhood.

Nature, Books, God

Are you going to the beach for a few days? One of the nicest places to read is by the seashore, where you can alternately gaze at the blue seas while reading. And you can also marvel at the beauty of God’s creation and think about how He loves giving us simple pleasures like that very moment.

Book Club and Book Blog

Are you just staying at home the entire summer with only the internet as your companion? Try to join an online book club. There are a lot out there, just find one that’s closest to your interests. And while you’re at it, why not start a book blog? It will challenge you to read more books and will also excerise your critical thinking and writing skills.

Take a book break

Are you stressed out at work because you can’t take a vacation? Ease your stress by taking a book break during your breaks. Instead of an hour-long lunch, take 30 minutes to sneak in a few chapters of your current read. And during your coffee/merienda break, take a book with you to keep you company


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