Review Thursday: What They Say About Hiyas

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Review Thursday
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We just wanted to share with you what kids, and adults too have said about Hiyas, OMF Literature’s imprint for children. If you or your kids have made any blogs or reviews about any of the Hiyas Books, do send us the links so we can share also with others.

I really like Tomo. It really shows true friendship and how to respond when others criticize you and look down on you. I love the way the story goes and the way the animator made the characters come alive.

– Aiszy

I am a teacher. I told this story to my class for them to understand what down syndrome is or just to make them realize that they are very lucky to be born normal. They liked it very much. They even borrow the storybook from me.Very wonderful!

– Mars

It is a heartwarming story of a father’s incomparable love for his disabled daughter. Magandang inspirasyon sa mga magulang na may anak na kagaya ni Susie.

– Rose

Pls pls pls pls pls release Tomo vol. 8! I really loved 7 (though it had a sad ending). I can hardly wait. I’m sure that it’s going to be sold out. But what will happen to tomo, clayton and grandpa jou?

– Pauline

Please update to Volume 8. i’m getting impatient!! This series is getting good!!

– Mae

(A lot of people have been begging for Vol 8 already. Unfortunately, Zondervan still hasn’t released it in the US so we all have to be patient a little while longer…)

It was all about a little girl who wanted to be a teacher . Just imagine if their were no teachers . You wouldn’t know how to read ,write ,count and spell . This book teaches us how to be a teacher. My favorite part in this story is when the little girl learned how to be a teacher. When I grow up I want to be a teacher .

– Kyla

I can relate with Arthur’s Angry, especially when I’m angry. But thank God, I’m learning to control my anger.

– Chinglee

I like the story of Bumbi Bubuyug in Tutubi Patrol 8 because it teaches me to be content with who I am. Sometimes we look for something better, without knowing that God has already given us the best.

– Novelyn

Great book! My family and I have fun times when we devotion using this book. Well, that’s all, this is Jannah 11 yrs. old. God bless you all!

– Jannah


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