Follow Friday: Fun But Educational Websites for Kids

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Follow Friday
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The Internet doesn’t necessarily have to be a parent’s worst nightmare. With the proper tools to monitor the websites you’re visiting, and the proper research as to what websites you can recommend to your kids, it can be a very useful tool to enhance the things that kids learn from school. And it can also help them be more interested in reading!

Here is our list of recommended websites that can be both fun and educational!

Christian Publishers (Kids’ sites)

  • the kids site for Zondervan
  • has daily devotions for kids, games and activities
  • has sections for parents and educators too

  • kids site for Thomas Nelson
  • includes blog, contests and free items

  • official website of the beloved book and video series
  • has games, videos, stories and e-cards kids can send out


Educational Sites

  • everything that National Geographic offers, but made more fun and interactive for kids
  • games, puzzles, activities – everything kids love about the Discovery Channel

  • site that shows that math need not be scary or boring, through games, puzzles, art projects
  • includes practice lessons for every imaginable math problems

Activities / Games

  • has tie-ups with kid favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia series, etc
  • includes fun academic games and activities, with a teachers/parents guide too

  • the science of fun
  • includes jokes/riddles, boredom busters, magic tricks and even recipes that kids can try out

Reading Resources

  • best digital access to children’s books from around the world

  • has reading and literacy games, as well as math and science activities
  • interactive videos

  • reviews of all the latest books for kids
  • includes guide for teachers and parents too




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