Author Wednesday: An Excerpt from Jim George’s A Husband After God’s Own Heart

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Author Wednesday
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In advanced celebration of Father’s Day, we’d like to share with you an excerpt from a chapter in the book A Husband After God’s Own Heart called Raising Your Children. It’s Jim George’s advice for fathers, the “Little Things That Make a Big Difference”

1. Discipline with consistency.

You and your wife come into your marriage from different backgrounds and from different ways of doing all kinds of things. So when you have children, you each tend to discipline from your particular perspective or experience. That’s fine if you’re both on the same page. But what if you’re not? Then there’s a potential for conflict. And in the end, your children are the losers if there is tension between you and your wife or inconsistency of methods you use when it comes to disciplining them. Why not sit down with your wife and together map out a strategy for consistent discipline? If you need help, ask others or take some parenting classes as a couple at your church. Such counsel and classes will guide both of you towards creating consistent biblical principles for child-raising.

2. Pray for your children.

Do the same thing you did with your wife – take pictures of your chilre with you to work and place them where you can see them througut the day.When you look at any of the pictures, shoot up a prayer to God for that child and what he or she might be doing at that moment. With a mentality of praying always (Ephesians 6:18) for your children, you can’t help but be a godly parent. And one more thing – how many others are praying specifically for your children. You and your wife might be the only two people who faithfully pray for them. Don’t miss out on this important ministry.

3. Take your children to church.

Going to church is one of the most significant ways to visibly show your children your faith. If you are excited about church and you talk all week about going there, your children will come to see church-going as part of their life as well. You are the leader of your family and your faith will shape the religious thinking if your children. As you model your Christian faith while taking your family to church, your children will receive a portion of the training they need to understand what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

4. Invest in your children’s future.

“How time flies!” is an expression that especially holds true when it comes to your children. Why, it was only yesterday that you were holding them in your arms…and now they’re finishing high school! You want them to be prepared for the future and that usually means further education, whether it’s vocational training or going through college. That means you need to start preparing for their future now, because…time flies! Just as you have invested in their spiritual future, now it’s time to invest in their mental and physical future.

5. Develop father-child traditions

It’s funny what children remember from their childhood. You quiz them about the past and they can’t remember the things that you thought were highlights, like their birthdays or even gifts that you thought were special. What they really remember are those special traditions that you established like your annual backpacking trips with your boys or those monthly date nights with your girls. Develop these kind of traditions with your children and you will have no trouble talking with them. Why? Because you have created an environment that will make them comfortable in baring their souls to you. And all you have to do is give them your time…and of course, a listening ear.


A fabulous marriage is within reach of every husband – and getting there is not as difficult as you might think.

Author Jim George points you to the little touches that can bring great results. They’re based on clear and simple priorities that God give you in the Bible and they will help to make you a better husband, bring you and your wife together as a true team and add more fun times to your time together.

A Husband After God’s Own Heart is available at all OMF Lit Bookhops for only P195

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