Tuesday Tips: Enhance Your Reading (and Writing!) This Rainy Season

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Tuesday Tips for Writers
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Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are probably a book lover. Or trying to be one. And for certified book lovers, the rainy season is not such a bad season. There’s nothing more satisfying and comforting than curling up in bed or your favorite chair with a treasured book, while the rain is pouring down. Add a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to the equation, and you have a perfect moment!

But if ever you find yourself going stir-crazy when stuck indoors, or if you want to add more dimension to your reading experience, here are some of our suggested reading-related activities you can do. Let us know if you think of some more okay?

Write a book review

Does this bring you back to your high school days? But this time, instead of it being required, you write the book review for your own pleasure. Whether you want to practice writing or you want to use it to recommend books to friends, this will be a good exercise for critical thinking.

Start a book blog

You want to take your book reviews to another level? Creating a book blog will help develop your reading and writing habit since you would have to research on the newest books and reading trends on the market and actually finish a book or two every month, if you want to regularly update your blog. You can refer to this list if you want a starting point.

Organize your library

This hobby is for the organized psuedo-librarian in you. You can either do it online through shelfari, Good Reads or LibraryThing or you can do it manually, with excel sheets and actual borrowers’ cards, in case you want to lend your books to your friends.

Start a book scrapbook

If you’re more of a design, rather than a writing person, try making a scrapbook of your favorite books. You can put in quotes from those books or words of wisdom from your favorite writers. It can also be an online version. You can use design-heavy blog sites like tumblr or posterous.

Set a reading hour

If you have kids and want them to develop a reading habit, set an hour each day or even every weekend where all the family members read together. You can either have a story time, or as they get older, you can just all read different books on your own but sitting in one designated room. The idea is to set an hour where all gadgets are turned off, and just enjoy an hour of reading.

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