Book Monday: Back on Track by Ru dela Torre

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Book Monday
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“God can turn your mess into a message. And He can transform your stumbling block into a stepping stone. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same ones again. As you do this, your greatest test will become your greatest testimony.”

After getting on the road with God, what does a young person do when the excitement fizzles and he returns to his rebellious ways?

In this sequel to the bestselling book Road Trip , Back on Track by Ru dela Torre, focuses on how grace and repentance can help the lost again find his way back to God.

Being impulsive and carefree is part of the DNA of young people, and sadly, along the way, it is inevitable that they will make mistakes. The message of this book is that it is never too late to pick yourself up from those failures and slip-ups and to get “back on track” towards making something out of your young life.

Ru definitely knows what he’s talking about. In his first book, Road Trip, he shares his journey from lucky to loser before he realized his true identity: loved by God. And it is this realization that has led him to dedicate his life towards helping young people come to grips with the concept of salvation and grace.

“One thing I admire about the youth today is their passion. If there’s one dominant characteristic about this “up and coming” generation, it is their fire. When they set their minds onto something, they just go all-out for it. The challenge, though, is how to get them from being apathetic to being involved.” Ru shares.

And Back on Track is his contribution towards harnessing the fire of this generation.

Here is a short excerpt from the book


Are you lost, in the middle of nowhere in your life, and can’t seem to find your way back to the track that will lead you to God? You feel sorry for a sin but can’t seem to overcome it. As a result, your heart has gotten stone-cold. You lost the fire.

Or are you in the middle of a big mess because you’ve made wrong choices and are now struggling to pick yourself up? Guilt has struck. Consequences left and right hit hard and knocked you down. There seems to be no way out.

Or are you in the middle of the catastrophe? Your grades flunked because you partied instead of studied? Or you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and it’s your fault. Your life has just reached rock-bottom.

The end seems near for you.

Don’t give up just yet. Hold on for just a moment. Just as God said to Paul, so is He telling you right now: His grace is all you need.  His grace is enough, it is sufficient.

No sin, no failure, no mistake is ever too big to crowd out the grace of God. “For there is nothing we can do to make God love us less.” No problem is ever too big for God to fix. And nothing is ever too difficult for Him.

God is not giving up on you. So don’t give up on Him. Through God’s grace, a clean slate is up for grabs. A fresh start is yours for the taking. Get up and get moving. Begin again now.


Back on Track is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore and PCBS nationwide for only P150


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