Review Thursday: Ate Bibs Talks About Pass or Fail

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Review Thursday
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Here’s a great review of our newest book Pass or Fail by Ronald Molmisa. Thank you very much Ms. Genevive Estacaan aka Ate Bibs for this great recommendation. You can check out her other writings in her blog Ate Bibs


Practical, wise and straight to the point in guiding every student reader to study smart, study with the right attitude, and study with a heart! Definitely, Pass or Fail: How to be the best student ever should be included in the reading list of every Filipino student (and even parents!). This book not only stresses the benefits of studying but also looks into the ‘eternal’ side of why we should study ‘smart’. Aside from this, the book is jam-packed with wise, healthy tips and how-to’s to survive any academic challenge—from handling assignments and reports, memorizing, healthy study habits, preparing for exams, handling peer pressure, cheating to being truly successful in life. The compilations are not only treated with careful selection but, were also delivered in a language that can be easily remembered by the reader (or the student).

On language-use

I guess one of the strong points of Ronald Molmisa (and Pass or Fail) is its effective use of the ‘masa’ language. When I say language, this not only refers to the spoken/written text but also, the imagery created at every turn of page. The situations and stories used are very relevant and easy to imagine. I think, Ronal Molmisa, has a gift, too, of making research results and academic papers sound interesting and ‘fun’. Because of these elements, the reader is led into a conversation that has freed him/her from any language barrier.In Filipino, we say, mas malapit sa puso.

On the topic/ selection of topics

I feel that Pass or Fail is a breakaway from the popular trend of books published for the past years, especially, books that come from Filipino Christian authors. Seldom do I see or hear of such, where, academics is given a spotlight. It is refreshing that the book started with the purpose of studying. This set the tone of the book and, gave the reader a clear understanding from which lenses Ronald Molmisa is coming from. I think this is a key element, Christian values and principles embraced every chapter of the book.

It is also notable that Pass or Fail not only discussed the ‘technical’ aspect but also shed light on issues such as cheating, peer pressure, discipline and persevering for academic success. There is a sense of wholism. Subliminally, it attempts to state that “your heart is also involved in your studies”.

I highly recommend this book to every student, parents, youth leaders and most especially to people who serve in the academe. This book is definitely made for the Filipino! Pass or Fail is yet another creative response to the challenges of equipping the next generation of leaders of this country.

Pass or Fail will be available very soon at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstores andPCBS nationwide.

In the meantime, read the first chapter here


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