Review Thursday: Carla Shares Why She Loves Books (and our Pergola Bookshop too!)

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Review Thursday
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As part of our special feature on our different OMF Lit Bookshops around the country, we will ask some of our customers to share why they love reading and “review” our bookshop that they frequent. This week, it’s Carla Ravanes’ turn to talk about how books have changed her life. Thank you Carla!


When I was thirteen, my older brother gave me my very first Harry Potter novel and more than the series, I recalled what he has written for me in the first few pages of the book. He told me that my love for books would one day lead me to become a better writer.

I have always loved books. Going to the bookstore and simply smelling the fresh pages while browsing through new titles have always brought a different kind of thrill for me.

It is safe to say that going inside a bookstore, anticipating the smell of books and seeing new titles that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on is one of my most favorite things in the world.

The first experience I had in a bookstore was when I was seven. I could remember that even during my first experience inside a bookstore, I couldn’t choose just one book. Ever since, it has always been difficult for me to pick just one book.

I love books simply because it has allowed me to visit places I have never been to, meet people I wouldn’t meet otherwise and see things from a different perspective. Because of my passion for books, I have walked in so many different shoes that I sometimes forget how to separate reality from fantasy.

Books have always given me a source of comfort. Books have always been my source of escape and because of all the wonderful stories that I have read growing up, I have learned to turned to writing to make me feel good about myself.

My love for books is what got me through high school. I have always found solace in reading about other people’s experiences and knowing that I will get through mine just fine. It was in high school that I was introduced to books published locally by OMF Lit.

The books that made an impact in my life in high school were “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, “Saving My First Kiss” and “When God Writes Your Love Story”, because of these books, I have not only felt better, but also developed a hunger for knowing God more.





OMF Lit Bookshop Pergola is one of my favorite places simply because it has provided me with not just great titles but also because I have known the wonderful staff more, especially Ate Gracia and they have become dear friends.

OMF Lit Bookshop Pergola has been my source of solace simply because it is not just a bookstore, but also a great place to go to if you simply want to escape for awhile.

It is only my fervent wish that everyone would get to love books- no matter what genre and enter into a life that they never thought was possible.


OMF Lit Bookshop Pergola is located at 2/F The Pergola, A. Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City. You can reach them at 403.2975 or you can email them at


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