Review Thursday: A Married Woman Reviews Solo Flight

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Review Thursday
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Thank you Christine for this review. If you’d like to read more of her writings you can visit her blog Inspirational Insights and The Mommy Journey. You can also follow her on Twitter @ChristineAmador.


Being married for many years, I have always wondered what is it like to be single all these years. Now that I have a copy of Solo Flight Embracing the Single Life and Discovering God’s Purpose by Grace D. Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao, I read it at once to gain some insight.

I found the book to be very interesting…in fact, it didn’t take me 2 hours to read through the whole book. I thought that I was going to read about how to wait for God’s perfect mate or what to do while waiting but I was mistaken. Instead, the first part was actually the life story of Ms. Francie. The book narrated her journey through life until God gave her the life long partner she had been waiting for. It was very inspiring and encouraging to know her story.
The second part features different stories of different women who have embraced singleness in their life. The stories give you a reflection of what goes on in the heart of these women who have accepted their singlehood and others who still hold on and wait for their mate. Reading the stories gave me a new perspective about singleness and appreciate the plans God has for each one of us.
The last part of the book is about danger signs single women should watch out for. God has a different plan for each person, what really matters is whether we live our life in obedience and in praise of Him.
Solo Flight: Embracing the Single Life and Discovering God’s Purpose is written by Palanca-award winner and Hiyas best-seller Grace D. Chong and the founder and directress of The Learning Tree Francie Castañeda-Lacanilao.
Solo Flight is now available at all OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide




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