Review Thursday: Michelle Reviews 2 Children’s Books

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Review Thursday
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One of our blogger friends, Michelle Padrelanan, reviews two of our newest Hiyas title that were launched just a few weeks ago at the 2011 Manila International Book Fair.

Michelle is an avid book lover and homeschooling advocate. She has managed to pass on her love of reading to her kids, who are already bookworms at their young age. 

If you’d like to read more of Michelle’s writings, visit her blog “Beyond the Silver and Gold: A Filipino Family’s Homeschool Journey

Thank you Michelle!


The Great Duck and Crocodile Race by Robert Magnuson

Here is one lovely little book about sportsmanship and friendship. Written and illustrated by Robert Magnuson, The Great Duck and Crocodile Race is about two friends – Duck and Crocodile – who challenge each other to a race. They each try to win the race by creatively outwitting each other. The ending is unexpectedly sweet.

At first reading, I thought it was just a way to teach a child about different kinds of vehicles – from bikes to cars to aircrafts. When children enjoy a book, they want to read it over and over again. The Great Duck and Crocodile Race was read to our kids by me, their dad and their big sisters. And we all agree that this is such a great book, a great way to teach sportsmanship. Personally, I believe this book can be sold internationally. It’s that good!

Bee Safe by Joyce Piap-Go

A few years ago I had the chance to share how I taught my then 6 year old girl about personal safety. I was surprised at the parents’ general reaction that time. Some did not know what to teach their children about safety inside and outside the home, when to teach them and the right way of teaching without actually scaring their children.

Here’s a book that parents can use to discuss safety with their children – Bee Safe by Joyce Piap-Go. The book’s central character is a little boy bee and he learns about being safe inside and outside the house. My four year old Flash Boy definitely remembers “Buzidee buzz buzz, I am Dee the Bee. As we read the book together, we also talk about his personal safety. It helps that it is beautifully illustrated by Maria Cristina Sison. The book’s illustrations and its adorable character helps my son and daughter to remember the importance of being safe.

The Great Duck and Crocodile Race and Bee Safe are available at all OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide for only P150 each. For more info about the books and other Hiyas titles, visit our website at

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