As part of the ongoing celebration of National Children’s Month this October, here are some of our new Hiyas titles for young bookworms (and for budding bookworms too!)

Oh Mateo 13: Tree for All teaches kids good stewardship and how to take  care of the environment. The 13th book in the Oh Mateo series teaches Teo and young kids that they are never too young to be eco-friendly. The kids will surely enjoy the story of how Teo and his friend Gadong helps out Apong Cion as she defends her yard from those that wish to destroy the trees.

SRP: P65

The Great Duck and Crocodile Race by Robert Magnuson teaches kids how to get along while at play. The fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations make this an ideal book for toddlers.

Duck and Croc want to race! Think you can guess who wins first place?
Hold on to your seats! They’re ready to go! It’s a Thrill-a-Minute, page turning, one-of-a-kind show!

SRP: P150

Bee Safe by Joyce Piap-Go is a practical and informative book that teaches kids how to be safe in their environment. This will be a first in an instructional series for toddlers featuring Dee the Bee. For 4-6 year olds, Dee takes the role of a playmate playing teacher. For 3 year olds and below, being read to by an adult contributes to the child’s sense of security in his rapidly expanding world.

SRP: P150

Famed explorer and former thief Eric Morrisey Ganger and his mischievous sidekicks, twins Sadie and Saskia Dopple are off to new and more exciting adventures in the second volume of The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, the exciting newseries that combine both traditional text and art in a genre called “illustra-novella”.

SRP: P395


The Lion Storyteller Bible is a retelling of the many well-loved stories from the Old and NewTestaments. It’s ideal for sharing with children of all ages, featuring the stories of Joseph the Dreamer, The Secret Baby, Samson’s Great Deeds, David the Giant Killer, The First Christmas, Jesus and the Children and many more.

SRP: P495




Rumble! Zap! Pow! is a Bible storybook that highlights the adventurous stories in the Bible and points its readers to God’s mighty power. The action-packed and kid-friendly language and the cartoon-styled art will keep kids engaged.

SRP: P450



HIYAS is OMF Literature’s imprint for children’s books. The word “hiyas” means “gem” in Filipino, an appropriate name for a line of books that contain treasures for children. In HIYAS books, readers will discover a wealth of enjoyable stories, memorable characters, imaginative art, and indispensable biblical values.

HIYAS stories are written especially for kids: some endearing, some action-packed, some informative. Creative illustrations combine with fascinating stories to trigger a kid’s imagination.

But at the heart of every HIYAS book is a Christian value essential to a child’s character development. Illustrated in stories, these essential lessons are easier to understand and apply.

Hiyas titles are available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, PCBS and National Bookstores nationwide.


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