We posted a question on our Facebook page and asked our community: What book would you recommend to a non-reader who wants to try and start reading?

We got great responses from you guys, and here are some of our favorite suggestions. To view the complete thread, you can click here.

The Bible

Of course the overwhelming favorite suggestion is the source of all Inspiration, Instruction and Insight: The Bible. Whatever translation you prefer to read, The Bible has everything: action, drama, suspense, romance, and yes, even comedy. But most of all, it’s the living Word of God, that transcends time, culture, gender and personality. Any potential book lover should definitely give the Bible a chance. It just might change your life.

Here are other books from OMF Literature that people suggested:

The Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol 1 and Vol 2 by G.P Taylor

(suggested by Ernest Guevarra, Iris Camacho, Katrina Ong)

For people who havetrouble reading words without pictures but are not children anymore, the illustra-novella is the genre for you. With a combination of awesome art and adventure-filled text, the story of twins Saskia and Sadie and their friend/thief Eric can take readers on a fun-filled journey into a different world.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis

(suggested by Rocky Teodoro)

This C.S Lewis classic, turned into a motion picture a few years ago, is the first (or second, depending on how you look at it, chronologically or when it was released) in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Easy enough to read, fun every step of the way, and yet filled with deep thoughts on the nature of God and man.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

(suggested by Malou Bambo and Lindz Ighot)

This is a modern classic, not just for aspiring readers, but most of all, for those who are seeking to find purpose in their lives and in the world they live in.

Road Trip and Back on Track by Ru dela Torre

(suggested by Mark Jader)

For young people who are looking for direction in life or who want to understanding the meaning of redemption and grace, these two books by Pastor Ru dela Torre is the perfect way to get them started on the love for the written word.

Finishing Well by Bob Buford

(suggested by Mary Geraldine Paderon)

Remember the cliche “Life begins at 40?” Bob Buford shares practical strategies and valuable perspectives in making the 2nd half of your life count.

The Shack by William P. Young

(suggested by Ernest Guevara, Gayle Robediso and Charmaine Go)

This best-selling Christian fiction book tries to answer the timeless question “Where is God in a world filled with unspeakable pain?”.

Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin by Ardy Roberto

(suggested by Raymond Domingo)

A lot of Filipinos nowadays are very much interested in saving up and managing finances wisely. Ardy Roberto’s best-selling book gives practical ways of doing all that, plus a biblical perspective on why we should be good stewards of our finances.



All of the books mentioned are available at all OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide

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