Tuesday Tips and Author Wednesday: Tips on Writing from Joyce Piap Go

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Author Wednesday, Tuesday Tips for Writers
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One of our newest Hiyas authors, Ms. Joyce Piap-Go, shares some practical tips on how to get started on that book that you’ve always dreamed of writing


I am in LOVE!!! In my 40s? Why not, I found my new love in ministry – writing children’s books.  It’s both refreshing and stress releasing.  After teaching and preaching for about 20 years, I find writing fun and challenging.

My friends who knew me as an extrovert ask me how I started writing. Probably in their mind they can’t imagine how I can spend hours of silent moments alone.  I told them as one ages, the strength of talking diminishes and the number of hours sitting increases.  So why not make wise use of my sitting time?

If you ask me what are the tips for those who are interested to write for children,  let me introduce to you my 6 faithful friends.  They are always there for me when I am preparing for my class lessons or sermons.  If you seek their advice, you will never go wrong.  They are the 5 Ws and 1 H.

WHY.  Why do you want to write?  I hope it’s not for fame and money.  Aside from your name being printed on the book, flyers and on the website, I can attest to you that no one came running to me to ask for my signature.

My book was just launched last September 2011.  So I can’t tell you how much I earned as it’s too early to tell.  But if there is a reason why I write, it is because I love imparting what I learn through spoken words.  So I thought, why not impart what I learn through writing as well.

WHO.  Who is your target audience?  Though it is a book for children, it is best to identify if this is a book for pre-schoolers or is this for children age 7-9 or perhaps it is for 10-12.

WHAT.  What kind of children’s book will this be?  Is it biblical, fairy tales, fables, folktales? And the list goes on.   It could also be modern, historical or educational. Or perhaps instructional, similar to my “Bee Safe” children’s book designed to help young readers learn more about real things in life.

WHEN.  When is the right time to write?  I just attended a 40th birthday party this week.  As they said it, life begins at 40, so I guess I am just starting.  You will never be too young nor too old to write a book. So, join in, this is the right time to write your thoughts.

WHERE.  Where do I submit my manuscript. Where else? With OMF Literature! Do not be dismayed if your manuscript get rejected or if it takes too long to have it approved.  That’s all part of the process. (To find out more on how to submit a manuscript to OMF Lit, click here)

HOW.  How do I get started?  Grab a pen and a notebook.  Scribble your thoughts on it. Or save it in your electronic gadget.  If you can discipline yourself to write a few sentences each day that will be great. Remember, a word each day will make a book someday.



Joyce Piap-Go took her Masters in Biblical Studies at the Singapore Bible College. She is currently helping the Life Development Team of New Millennium Evangelical Church in its work among children. She is often invited to speak in schools and churches, with her audience ranging from toddlers groups, to senior citizens. Bee Safe is her first children’s book.





Do you know that BEE-ing safe can be fun and easy?

Follow Dee the Bee in the first of the Little Bee Book series as he teaches your kids some of the do’s and dont’s that can ensure their safety at home, in school, or wherever they are.

For 4-6 year olds, Dee takes the role of a playmate playing teacher. For 3 year olds and below, being read to by an adult contributes to the child’s sense of security in his rapidly expanding world.


Bee Safe is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore and PCBS Bookshops nationwide for only P150.

  1. Emilie Go says:

    this is real great Joyce- wishing you the best in your new passion in writing children’s books. Mimi

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