Book Monday: Bible + Devotional Bundles for P300

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Book Monday
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OMF Lit Bookshops all over the country will be celebrating National Bible Week by encouraging you to Read, Breathe and Live the Word of God through our Bible Sale. From January 16-31, get 20% off all imported Bibles at our bookshops.

Aside from this already awesome discount, you can get a cool book bundle (1 Bible + 1 Devotional) for only P300! Here are your choices for this bundle

BIBLES (choose 1 from our ministry editions)

New Living Translation Version (black or burgundy)

New King James Version

The Message Bible


DEVOTIONALS (choose 1)

Grace Found Me by Grace D. Chong

It is easy for busy women to drown in a sea of responsibilities and to be faced with doubt and worry each day. In Grace Found Me, author Grace D. Chong points you to Him who can give rest to your heart and soul. Allow Him to remind you who He is and what He can do so you will no longer fret.


“To taste” is to take a mouthful of something to savor its flavor. The food on TV or in magazines may look delicious, but we will never know for sure until we taste it. The same applies to our knowledge of God. We need to have a close relationship with Him to experience His abundant goodness and awesome power – and delight in His abiding presence.



Great Days with the Great Lives by Charles Swindoll

Developed from Charles Swindoll’s biographical series on Bible characters, this yearlong devotional gleans timeless lessons from the experiences of Esther, Job, David, Moses, Paul, and more. See each of them with new eyes through a daily Scripture reference and devotional thought that reveals their character and heart for God.


Joseph learned that a broken and contrite heart is not the end, but the beginning. Bruised and crushed by the blows of disappointment and unrealized dreams, he discovered that God has never left his side. When the affliction ended, he had been refined and he came forth as gold. He had become a person of greater stability, of deeper quality, of stronger character. God’s promises are just as much for us as they were for Joseph. His grace is still at work.


Light to My Path Each Day 2012 by Scripture Union

Let these 365 Bible-based devotional entries by selected Filipino writers nourish, challenge and guide you each day. As you grow in your knowledge of God and His Word, you will discover a fresh appreciation of the wisdom that you can find from no other book but the Bible


Like David, we must say that God is our refuge. We must be open to God. We must admit our vulnerability our weaknesses. We are in desperate need and we need to be rescued. We cannot do it on our own – we need God to help us live our lives. And the good thing is that God is always ready to listen to our cries, no matter how faint they are. Cry out to God. He is always listening. Be assured of this great truth.



One Year Walk with God by Chris Tiegreen

Learning to think God’s way is a process. We did not come into this world with a clear perception of God, His Kingdom, or our own selves. We began with distorted views , and part of our task as Christians is to let God change our thinking to accurately reflect His character and His wisdom. That’s what these daily readings are about–redirecting our thinking so we UNDERSTAND OURSELVES, OUR WORLD, AND OUR GOD ACCURATELY.


…the purity of God’s character is also convicting. We know that though we are called to be like Him, our integrity falls short of His. He is shaping us to reflect His glory, but when we give a false impression, we interfere with His work. Trust God with the truth. Tell it and display His integrity. Know that He will always defend truth – and those who tell it.


  1. I love reading devotionals daily. My day won’t be complete without reading one. 🙂

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