Announcement: Bible Week Social Networks Promo

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Announcements

Wouldn’t you like to have a brand new Bible to kick off your 2012?

In celebration of National Bible Week this 2012, OMF Lit Bookshops is currently having a Bible sale at all of our bookshops, from January 16-31, 2012. Click here for details.

But more than just the sale, we want to help create awareness online on why the Bible is the most important book that we will ever read!

So here are three ways you can join our contest (please note that you can join all three, but you can only win once)

*The prizes in this promo are special, limited edition Bibles and may not be available  at OMF Lit Bookshops*


1. Post your life verse on your wall and say a line or two on why the Bible is the most important book you can read. Tagging friends is optional, but suggested (just be careful to not spam their walls)

2. Tag OMF Literature’s FB page or post a screencap of your post on our wall to qualify

3. Posting period is from January 17-23.

4. 3 Winners will be chosen.

1 winner – Best and Most Creative entry. Prize will be a King James Large Print Ultraslim Edition

2 winners – randomly chosen through Prizes will be King James Gift Bibles

5. Winners will be announced on January 25. Prizes have to be claimed at OMF Lit Bookshop Boni (with proper identification)


1. Tweet about how the Bible has changed your life in 140 characters or less

– Please don’t use twitlonger, to be fair to all

– Links to a blog entry are not allowed. We stick with 140 characters or less (don’t worry, bloggers have their own contest too)

– Use your creativity to say what you want to say in 140 characters or less. That is the beauty of Twitter 🙂

2. Include the hashtag #MyBibleStory at the end of your tweet. We will be tracking contest entries through this hashtag. You don’t need to tag @omflit anymore. Just use the hashtag. And if you don’t know yet what a hashtag is, click here

3. Posting period is from January 17-23

4.. 3 Winners will be chosen

1 Winner – Best Tweet. Prize is a King James Compact Giant Print Reference Bible

2 Winners – randomly chosen through Prizes are NIV Gift and Award Bible and a New Century Version Specialty Bible

5. Winners will be announced on January 25. Prizes have to be claimed at OMF Lit Bookshop Boni (with proper identification)


1. Post a blog entry about the Biblical character that is most real to you now. Be as creative as possible. Use pictures, videos, links, etc. Word count should be 300-500 words

2. Please post a link to our Bible sale somewhere in your blog entry. It doesn’t have to be hard sell. In fact, we prefer it to be soft sell. Use your creativity too in how you will do it. Link to be included is this

3. Post a link to your blog entry in the comments section of this blog post. Only those posted here will be considered as entries.

4. Deadline for submission of entries is January 23, 2012.

5. 3 Winners will be chosen

1st Prize – The Master’s Healing Presence Bible large print King James version

2nd Prize – The Explorer’s Bible for Kids New King James version

3rd Prize – Holy Bible Pocket Companion King James version

*First 10 bloggers who join will receive a free book too!

6. Winners will be announced on January 25. Prizes have to be claimed at OMF Lit Bookshop Boni (with proper identification)

  1. niNa says:


    And hoping to win!

    Here’s my Facebook post URL:

    Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Lynai says:

    I hope to win. I’ll use the Bible prize, if ever, in my wedding this May! 🙂

    Here’s my blog entry:

  4. sheenarobins says:

    I hope OMF would send the Bible to the winner if they do not live in Manila or at least send it to the nearest OMF outlet where they live…thanks…

  5. Hmmm..10 it means we’ll get to have a free book even if we don’t get the major prizes, right? ^-^ Now that’s something 🙂

  6. maileen says:

    when will be the announcement?

  7. omflit says:

    To everyone who joined this contest, you can pick up your free book at our Boni Bookshop! Just let us know when you’ll be coming over. Email

    Thanks so much for joining this contest!

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