Follow Friday: Twitter Entries in My Bible Story contest

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Follow Friday

In case you didn’t know it yet, we’re having a Twitter Bible awareness campaign/contest in celebration of the National Bible Week. We asked our Twitter followers to express in 140 characters or less how the Bible has changed their lives. These are some of the entries that we’ve had so far. If you want to view all the entries, just view the hashtag #MyBibleStory on Twitter. You can also follow these people on Twitter, you’ll be entertained and inspired with their tweets! Share your own 140 character stories on how the Bible has changed your life

You still have until Monday to join our Facebook, Twitter and blog contests. Click here for the details

The Bible teaches me a lot of things, like don’t tease people when it comes to love, says in Song of Solomon 2:7. – @TheDanGalman

reading the bible gives me a fresh supply of love, hope and peace every single day.- @dyin17

The truth will set you free & there’s nothing more true than God’s Word. It keeps on opening my eyes to the lies of the enemy. – @amrie

I am not alone. I am secure. The bible is an assurance of God’s promise, presence, & power. – @shellyness17

More than any other book ever written,my life has been drastically changed since I started spending time in the Word of God.- @jaekicoffee

The Bible makes me see that I’m a worthless sinner but God believes in me that I can be like Jesus. That’s life-changing. – @Jhean_1027

the BIBLE changed my life because I got to know what God’s will & His promises are; also I got to know GOD more. – @samuelcabbuag

Now i live to the fullest knowing that i am loved. and I’m sharing it, in the same breath: you are loved -the Bible tells us. – @sweet_elude

mylifechangewheni readthebible it hasenlighten meand irealize that it is not an ordinary booklikeotherand itsthe ♥ LetterofGod – @LeanielTangente

The bible changed me from inside out – from the way I think to the way I act. It’s a vital, my soul cojourner and it empowers.- @abcjen

The Bible is where I can find wisdom,knowledge & God’s unfailing love for me,it transform my life to a life more like Jesus – @memyselfandi_mj

The Bible transformed me from sinner to be a believer and now I AM the son of God and I’m PROUD!!! – @nomad05

The peacefulness and the emotional stillness the Bible provides is the one that truly aligns me and fills my cup. – @gorgeous_al14

When I started reading the Bible, I realized my God is able. – @krisettecapati


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