Here are some common questions that people ask about relationships and the titles that we recommend to help you find the answers

Question: How will I know if he/she is really the one? Oh by the way, I’m 16 years old only

Lovestruck by Ronald Molmisa

Instead of giving a step-by-step process on searching for “the one” or telling “kilig” love stories to inspire them , this book tries to reach the hearts of the young people through answering questions that seem to be on their mind but they may be too afraid to ask the adults around them.



Question: How can we keep the romance going in our marriage when we’ve been together for ___ years?

The Honeymoon Never Ends by Nelson T. Dy

In this sequel to How to Mend a Broken Heart, Nelson uses biblical principles and practical advice to show married couples, husbands especially, how to cultivate a growing and deepening relationship. His advice: begin with a romantic God. Features interviews with lifelong honeymooners, stories, illustrations and practical points.


Question: What is my purpose as a single woman? Will I ever get married?

Solo Flight by Grace D. Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao

In this book co-written with Grace D. Chong, learn from Francie Castañeda-Lacanilao who, for more than five decades, struggled and thrived as a single person until Mr. Right found her. Furthermore,read about eight ladies who took different routes in search for meaning and significance.



Question: Pwede pa rin ba akong maging masaya kahit na wala akong boyfriend/girlfriend?

Paano Maging Joyfully Single by Harold J Sala

Translated from his best-selling Joyfully Single, the Tag-lish version discusses sensitive
issues and contemporary topics relevant to singles today in a language they can relate to


Question: How long should I nurse my broken heart?

How to Mend a Broken Heart by Nelson T. Dy

Walk with Nelson T. Dy as he revisits the road of his own romantic heartbreak. Dy gently shares to the heartbroken hope-filled insights from stories of people in the Bible who had themselves trodden the path of heartache. The pain of a broken heart is real. So is the hope for mending it.



Question: We’re newlyweds only yet we keep arguing about a lot of things. How should we settle this?

Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman

Best-selling author Dr. Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages, The Family
You’ve Always Wanted) shares what he and the couples he has counseled
over the years learned from experience with practical tips and
discussion talking points that you can share with your partner



Question: Why can’t I figure out men? – Woman

Why do women keep wanting to know my secrets? – Man

What Women Don’t Know (And Men Don’t Tell You) by Michelle McKinney
Hammond and Joel A Brooks

Drawing on both male and female perspectives, this book deals with the hard issues and questions you and other women ponder as you consider how to obtain lasting love. This book will help adjust your desires, redefine what you are attracted to, set your values in order and determine your goals.


Question: What questions should we be talking over before we decide to get engaged?

101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged by H. Norman Wright
Relationship expert and noted couples counselor Norm Wright steers
potential brides and grooms through a series of soul–searching
questions to discern if they’ve really met “the One.” This book
contains 101 in depth and personal questions to give the couples
confidence in pursuing or not pursuing a married life.



Question: Why do people keep doing stupid things when it comes to love?

Cupidity by Hayley and Michael DiMarco

The husband and wife tandem identifies 50 of the most common acts of cupidity, ways to avoid them
and learn fro them and some surprising things God has to say about relationships.



Question: What should I be doing while waiting?

What To Do Until Love Finds You by Michelle McKinney Hammond
Respected relationship coach Michelle McKinney-Hammond shares important insights and practical tips on helping single women become who they were created to be, as they make this time of waiting productive, joyful, and exciting.




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