Review Thursday: Mariah Talks About What Women Don’t Know by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Review Thursday
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Our guest blogger for today is , a self-described Woman with a Mission, who is working in the corporate world but is also strongly involved in her church ministry. To read more of her writing, you can visit her blog, A Woman With a Mission

Thank you Mariah for sharing your insights about this book. Here’s her review of What Women Don’t Know by Michelle McKinney Hammond

This book is a very good one. The authors made me fell in love with the contents. I agree to one of the comments of a Pastor on this book, “the authors have produced a masterpiece that gives the most balanced, practical understanding of relationships. Their common sense approach to relationships will make you laugh, cry and wonder, ‘why didn’t i read this before i entered my first relationship?’ “ But of course, they didn’t just use their common sense to share their thoughts in this book but most importantly, this book is Bible-based. 
Every content is very sensible and meaty. As i was reading the book, i wanted to highlight everything because every word is very meaningful and helpful.
I like what one of the authors said, “you can not have a complete relationship with an incomplete man , and usually can’t recognize his brokenness until you are fixed.”

They also tackled the value of women and how we women should value ourselves as we  deal with our relationship with men. Let me share here some of the meaty statements in this book about the value of women : ” as a woman, you are are not a taste test either. No man should be able to sample you and then decide if he wants to pay the cost associated with claiming you as his own. Neither should he have the freedom to sample and discard you in pursuit of something that he thinks might taste better or have a lower price. You are priceless- fearfully and wonderfully made. God shaped and molded you in his own image. You were created, redeemed and deeply loved and valued by God. Therefore, the man who wants to be involved with you should have to count the cost. Understand your worth and know your value. Realize that your value does not decrease if you are alone. Your value increases according to your depth of character. Having a man is not what gives you value. Your value is established and stated by God before the beginning of time. Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10 NKJV). Only you can lower your cost.”
The authors also gave a warning not to be hasty in giving a man the title of Mr. Right. I like what the authors said, “A lot of women in their exaggerated need for a man have not been discerning. They have settled for dogs and frogs instead of waiting for the man that God calls a good and perfect gift for them.”
These statements are also strong and need to be considered: “It is the spirit of a woman that a man senses. He wants a woman who every man wants but every man has not had…A man does not want a woman he has to question or worry about. If a woman gives her body to a man too soon, he will always wonder how many other she has given herself to.”
This book is balanced. It didn’t only tackle spiritual aspect of relationship but it also advised women not to ignore their physical appearance. I like what the authors said, “You can turn a man’s head without turning his heart, but if you don’t turn his head, you may not get to his heart. Men are visually stimulated, so you can not ignore your physical appearance.” But the author also encouraged women to dress appropriately.
I strongly agree to this statement and i like it very much: “The hearts of men and kings is in the Lord’s hands, and he is able to turn their hearts which every way he wishes. When a man or woman’s ways  please the Lord, he promises to make even their enemies live at peace with them. If he is able to cause your enemies look upon you favorably, how much more will he bless you by turning the heart of a good man in your direction? That’s your cue. Make sure when the right man looks your way, he is able to agree with God and say, ” It is good.””
To read the rest of her review, click here

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