Follower Friday: Why They Love Books

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Follow Friday

Last week, when we reached 7,000 fans on Facebook, we asked you what were some of the reasons why you love books. We wanted to share with you some of the best answers submitted and hope that you would also be encouraged to read or take up reading again or share your love for reading

Edwin D. Arceo I love books because it takes me to places where I cannot go just through my imagination. Reading books enriches my knowledge of this world and those around me.

Glaiza Garcia Tominioi love books because it teaches great life lessons and at the same time very entertaining. you can also get to know your favorite authors as well. 🙂

Bo Yzolde Teruel CalañgiBooks bring me to a new world where no one else had been, to a country and culture miles away from where i am and a place only reachable by imagination with every lift of pages.

Jaeki Coffee TabuadaI love books because reading is part of my life’s journey, and i’m always learning from the authors. I find it quite enjoyable as well as relaxing. If you sit down with coffee and a good book to read on.

Ligaya Navidad-Espina books allow us to learn at our own pace, at our own leisure. It is the best backpack ‘entertainment’ since it requires no electricity nor a playmate

Ernest Genesis Mercado Guevara Books for me simply are the souls dwindling to teach us the experiences of the past. They are my friends of whom I find comfort during my struggles, but nevertheless they serve as my total conscience when I’m bound to do unlikely things. They simply cultivate my spirit. They give me wisdom and enlightenment. They make me smile when needed; and joy to sustain me through grief. They mirror me in every way. Simply books that I have and love represents people of different culture and nature, and also simply God’s way of placing inanimate and imaginative personas in my life with whom He had breath with life and wonderful music.

Ryan ReyesI love books because they take me to places i have never been to, meet persons i have never met and learn things i have never known.

Alek Matthew Robert Fernandez I use to travel a lot through riding a bus. (like going to school everyday). and it feels like I’m wasting my life just sitting there thinking about random things until i get to my destination. And reading a book satisfies me, not just it me made me something to do while sitting, but I also get to learn from it That when I got to my destination, I feel like a different man with new wisdom. :DD
(not that I hate to travel though, I stroll at the middle of the night sometimes just thinking about anything
Amie Natividad reading books most especially Christian books enriches my knowledge and relationship with my Creator.
Teenah Tiam CabonitallaI love reading books because it gives me a lot of information that though i might not use it right a way but surely it will in the future.
Elinor SemiraI love books because (1) It lets me gain knowledge (2) It is the best way to relax and enjoy, relieves stress (3) It takes me to a new world & far-away places (4) It allows me to meet new people & make new friends (5) It allows me to learn other people’s lives & perspectives (6) It makes me improve myself & learn new skills (7) It helps me from boredom and monotony 🙂
I love books because I found no reason not to. Reading has been my favorite form of relaxation and there is nothing more rewarding than learning even while at rest. A whole lifetime isn’t enough to learn and experience everything and in reading, I learn through the experiences of others. We are living in a generation where reading books are replaced by surfing the internet. But to me, I’d rather publish a book than create a website. (^_^)
Ezekiel Melliza Yoon I love reading books because it makes me a human…Human in a way that I can know the facts and so as the lies to correct. It makes me travel back in time and to the future. It doesn’t only gives information but also gives life. It is a printed evidence that whatever data i will gather,has it’s trusted sources…and most of all. It DEFINES…
Vincent HaosonI love reading books since they have been my teacher in areas where conversations, lectures, classes and even conventions don’t dwell into.
Books also opened my eyes to areas, circumstances and situations that are foreign to me but are true to others, thus broadening my horizon on some of life’s realities that I would never get to experience.
Books have also been instrumental to shaping some of my core beliefs that up to this day ring true to who I am.

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