Book Monday: Go On An Adventure With Hana and Tomo!

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Book Monday

Thirteen-year-old Hana comes to America to live with Grandpa Jou and his shape-shifting companion, Tomo. But she’s no ordinary teen—she battles evil creatures from another dimension! As Hana uncovers secrets about her past and her identity, she also learns about loyalty, friendship, and courage.

Visually engaging, this series catches the attention of booklovers and non-booklovers alike.

The Tomo graphic novels are illustrated by award-winning Filipino artist Ariel Padilla. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. He never had any formal art training but was mentored by veteran artists in local comics such as Nestor Malgapo.

Jim Krueger is an award-winning comic book and graphic novel writer, famous for his work on the Earth X trilogy for Marvel Comics, as well as DC Comics’ Justice . He was named one of the top ten writers in comics and an innovator in the field by Wizard Magazine.

Vol 1: I Was An Eighth Grade Ninja

Hana enjoys practicing her martial arts skills even after she moves to California to live with her grandfather. Suddenly, all Hana’s practice come in handy when savage creatures from another world attack out of nowhere! In the blink of an eye, Hana realizes she has a lot to learn about herself, her grandfather, and his strange little pet.




Vol 2: My Double-Edged Life

Hana finds herself fighting two battles: one against bullies at school and one against otherworldly warriors at home! Fortunately, she learns that her grandfather’s weird little pet Tomo has some pretty amazing moves of his own. Together, they form a powerful team. But can they keep the evil forces of Argon Falls from taking the Spirit Sword?




Volume 3: Child of Destiny

Hana finds out she’s more than just a good fighter and a true friend – she learns how her coming into Argon Falls fulfills a prophecy. Tomo reveals Hana’s past to her, telling her about her parents and the mysterious stranger responsible for the warfare in this other dimension.





Volume 4: The Argon Deception

Hana, Tomo and Grandfather Jou witness the decay of Argon Falls, whose citizens are falling to an evil power. Hana learns that she can use the Spirit Sword to restore the land. But if the sword falls into the wrong hands, it will be used to enslave the people forever.





Volume 5: Secret Alliance

Tomo and friends return to Argon Falls with the hope of restoring the kingdom and rescuing its people from evil King Ardath.
Meanwhile, Hana continues to learn new secrets. She discovers that Argon Falls is linked to earth through the prayers of one man… who doesn’t realize his prayers have endangered his very life!





Volume 6: The Truth Revealed

After fending of assassins, Hanna reveals the story of Argon Falls to her friends in San Francisco. But Pastor James teaches her and Tomo about something even more important – forgiveness and new life. Hana’s time at home will get cut short. however, when the enemy encircles er family members in a trap back in Argon Falls.





Volume 7: Betrayal of Trust

Hana and Tomo return to Argon Falls only to find that an impenetrable dungeon holds their friends captive. But Ardath, now clad in the Armor of the Ancients, has doubts that give Hana hope he may turn and join the fight against evil. Time runs short for the citizens of Argon Falls as the intrigue of spies and the violence of battle threaten to separate Hana from her friends forever.




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