Tuesday Tips: Excited About Exams (from Ronald Molmisa’s Pass or Fail)

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Tuesday Tips for Writers

The next few weeks are very “exciting” times for students (and yes, even parents) as the final deluge of exams are upon them. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed with all these exams, not to mention the other projects and requirements.

Here are some simple but effective tips from Ronald Molmisa’s Pass or Fail to help students get through the finals


Make sure that you attend all your classses

Wala kang masasagot sa exam kung hindi ka regular na pumapasok. Paano ka magrereview kung wala kang lecture notes? Kahit di ka masyadong matalino, matututo ka rin kapag lago kang nakikinig sa itinuturo ng teacher mo

(You won’t be able to answer anything in your exam if you don’t go to classes regularly. How can you review if  you don’t have lecture notes. And even if you’re not that smart, you’ll learn something if you always listen to what your teacher is teaching)

Do your review at regular intervals

Set a time to review regularly two weeks before. Spend at least an hour each day/night studying for an exam. Our minds can only store limited information at a time. Pagpahingahin ang utak. Ituloy ang review kapag relaxed na ulit ang utak mo.

(Rest your brain every once in a while. Continue reviewing once your brain is relaxed already)

Gumawa ng study outlines (make study outlines)

(For essays and oral exams) Summarize all the important chapters and reading materials. The fewer pages you use, the better.

Reduce review time and maintain good health

Refrain from doing any intensive review a day before the exam. Maintain a healthy diet and have adequate rest.


Relax while taking the exam

Kapag walang tensyon, mas malinaw kang mag-isip at mas makakasagot ka ng maayos. Have a good attitude. Be optimistic. Most importantly, never forget to pray before taking the exam.

Get into the mood

Go into your room early para makapag-relax pa ang iyong katawan. Huwag na huwag male-late! Siguraduhing kumportable ang pagkaka-upo mo at hindi makaka-istorbo sa pagsagot sa exam

(Go to your room early so your body can relax. Never be late! Make sure you are seated comfortably)


Give the test your full concentration. Kalimutan muna ang ibang problema. Tanggalin ang distractions.

(Forget your other problems and remove all distractions)

DETER Strategy

D-irections – Read directions and instructions carefully. Ask the teacher/proctor if there’s something you don’t understand

E – xamine – Study the exam paper first: how long it is, how many points per section, etc

T – ime – After examining the exam paper, make sure you time manage each section

E – asiest – Answer the easier questions first. If you don’t know the answer, jump to the next question first. If all questions are difficult, answer the questions with the highest points first

R – eview – If you have time, go over your answers and review if you may have missed something


Give yourself a break. Treat yourself, whether you feel that you did good or not. But give yourself an extra treat if you felt that you did really well.


Lagi ka bang may kaba tuwing mag-eexam, magpapasa ng requirements o kapag may graded recitation? Ano ba ang kelangan gawin para hindi naman laging 50/50 ang buhay mo sa school?

Ronald Molmisa is back , fresh from the best-selling success of Lovestruck, and this time around, he’s giving the young ones advice on how to not just study hard, but study smart too.

The book includes chapters on Reading, Memorizing and Note-Taking, To Cheat or Not to Cheat, Time Out! Stressed Ako, Terror Ba Teacher Mo, and lots of other useful tidbits, written in a language that young people can relate to. 

Pass or Fail is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore, PCBS nationwide


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