Tuesday Tips: Holy Week Reads

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Lenten season, particularly the Holy Week, is a time for reflection and self-examination, as people remember and commemorate God’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross for mankind.

And while most people head out of town or to the beach for the long vacation, those who choose to stay “in town” can still go off on an inspirational reading adventure through these new titles from OMF Literature.

For those searching for God

What Good is God? by best-selling author Philip Yancey tries to answer the titular question by going to ten diverse places around the world. Here is a story of grace for armchair travelers, spiritual seekers, and those in desperate need of assurance that their faith really matters.


For those who want to know Jesus more

Incomparable Christ by John Stott takes a look at how the church has portrayed Christ down the centuries, how His life has influenced people the past two thousand years and how He continues to be relevant today.


For women who want to reclaim their heart

Strong Women Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart talks about how women can reclaim their passion for life and go on an unpredictable but exhilarating journey with God as they follow their destiny and calling


For people who need healing for themselves and loved ones

What You Need to Know When You Need Healing by Dr. Harold Sala (a self-confessed American with a Filipino heart) explores the compassionate nature of God and how people can reconcile miracles and medicine when it comes to healing.


For people looking for encouragement

Mga Pangako ng Diyos sa Panahon ng Takot, Lungkot, Kabiguan ATBP by Selwyn Hughes is the tagalized version of Your Personal Encourager and talks about 20 of the most common problems people face and how they can deal with them through God’s Word.

For teenagers looking for a passionate relationship with God

Refuel by Ru dela Torre (best-selling author of Road Trip and Back on Track) is a mix of personal reflections and devotional entries to energize young people while they spend quiet times with God.


For kids looking for adventure

Tomo 8: Battle for Argon Falls is the last chapter in the beloved Tomo series and takes you on an epic adventure with a young heroine and her friends as they battle evil forces, and at the same time learn all about courage, loyalty and friendship.


For those who want to immerse themselves in God’s Word

The New Living Translation and English Standard Version Bibles are now available on paperback and at very affordable prices.


All of these titles, plus many more books of Inspiration, Instruction and Insight are available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, Philippine Christian Bookstores, National Bookstores, and Powerbooks nationwide.

Here’s a short video of other recommended titles for the Holy Week


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