Tuesday Tips: Different Genres of Christian Fiction

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Tuesday Tips for Writers
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In case you are still new to this Christian Fiction genre that we’ve been talking about, we want to let you know that just like with mainstream fiction, there are also different types within this particular kind of fiction. Here are just some of the general ones, and also the most popular authors or books in the respective genres


Speculative Fiction

Think science fiction/fantasy but told from a Christian world-view (good always triumphs over evil) and uses Christian themes (sacrifice, grace, servant-hood). This used to be just the realm of CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) but the popularity of the fantasy genre in mainstream literature has brought about the emergence of Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness), G.P Taylor (Doppleganger Chronicles) and even Jim Kreuger (Tomo series)

Romance/Love Story

It’s a surprise to some people that there is such a genre as Christian romance, but for the past years, this has been the best-selling category in Christian fiction in the US. Of course, the main difference from the regular love stories is that these stories hold true to the Biblical principles of relationships. Some of the most well-known authors are  Francine RiversCamy Tang, Beverly LewisDenise Hunter, and Judy Baer.



Who says Christian fiction is boring and formulaic? A lot of the emerging writers from this genre can compete with some of the best mainstream thriller best-selling authors. Of course the most common theme is that epic battle between good and evil, but this time, instead of on the ethereal realm of speculative fiction, it is in within the common everyday world. Ted Dekker, Tim La Haye, Jerry B. Jenkins and Steven James are just some of the popular writers in this genre.



While some consider this a sub-type of the romance genre, there are also historical fiction that is not just about love. The obvious description for this is that the setting is not in the present; it can be as old as during the Roman period or as recent as the 60s or 70s. More often than not, there is a bit of adventure involved as well. Francine Rivers, Michael Philips, Janette Oke, Laura Frantz are some names that come to mind.



This genre is fairly new, but already gaining a bit of ground in terms of sales and author name recall. Most of the stories are set or involves the Middle East in one way or another, and has a certain End Days feel to it. Joel Rosenberg is the most popular obviously, but on his heels are budding authors like Neesa Hart and Jerome Teel.


These are realistic novels set in current time, and does not involve any sort of “magic” or mystery (but may involve a bit of romance). Characters face the trials, tribulations and triumphs that real people go through, and of course, as with our real lives, only the Saving Grace sees them through everything. Popular contemporary Christian authors: Lisa Samson, Kristin Billerbeck, Karen Kingsbury, Jamie Langston Turner and Angela Hunt.


  1. Dan Galman says:

    I like historical fiction with a touch mystery and magical things! 🙂

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