It was our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal himself who said that “the youth is the hope of our future”. And we need to feed the minds of our young people with books that will bring them inspiration, instruction and insight.

So whether you’re a parent with teenagers, a youth pastor, a church youth leader, or an actual teenager, here are some OMF Lit books that can help shape the future of our churches and our nation.

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

Society already expects not so good things from young people as soon as they step into the “terrible teens” phase. But Alex and Brett, twin brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris, actually challenge teenagers to start a “Rebelution” and defy these expectations by choosing to do hard things for the glory of God. This book is full of humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action.

Other books by Alex and Brett Harris

Start Here

Refuel by Ru Dela Torre

In Ru dela Torre’s 3rd book with OMF Literature, he shares a mix of personal reflections and devotional entries or “reflectio-devos” to energize you while you’re spending quiet times with God. Spend time in prayer and personally worship God Read the Bible and meditate on what it says. Cap it off by reflecting on the week’s entry from this book

Other books by Ru dela Torre:

Road Trip

Back on Track

It’s Not About Me Teen Edition by Max Lucado

The best-selling book by popular author Max Lucado is re-written specifically for teenagers. Through amazing real life stories of young people who re-directed their lives from me-centered to Jesus-centered, the youth will discover God’s plan for their lives.

Other books by Max Lucado:

It’s Not About Me

On the Anvil

Grace for the Moment Vol 1 and 2

Pass or Fail by Ronald Molmisa

Lagi ka bang may kaba tuwing mag-eexam, magpapasa ng requirements o kapag may graded recitation? Ano ba ang kelangan gawin para hindi naman laging 50/50 ang buhay mo sa school? The book includes chapters on Reading, Memorizing and Note-Taking, To Cheat or Not to Cheat, Time Out! Stressed Ako, Terror Ba Teacher Mo, and lots of other useful tidbits, written in a language that young people can relate to.

Other books by Ronald Molmisa:


I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

This groundbreaking book has been on the best-seller for years and is always included in the list of highly-recommended books for young people. Joshua Harris challenges both boys and girls to rethink the way they approach dating and relationships and reorder their love lives in light of God’s Word.

Other books by Joshua Harris

Boy Meets Girl

Not Even A Hint

Dug Down Deep

Add Mo Ko As Friend by Marlene Legaspi-Munar

In this simple and practical book, learn how to make the most out of this social networking phenomenon and what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to creating and maintaining online and offline friends.

Added New Friends Lately?
Offline friendship
Exploring the FB (Friendship Busters)
Make Room in Your Heart for Unlikely Friends
Meet the Perfect Friend

Saving My First Kiss by Lisa Velthouse

Waiting for the one can be fun, fabulous, and fulfilling!  Find out why this single lady author is unpuckering her lips and collecting party supplies inside her closet, waiting for the day she can present her lips to Mr. Right. Discover why she chose to date sparingly and purposely holding back the gift of her first kiss.





What Matters Most for Teens

What Matters Most is an exquisitely designed devotional set that addresses crucial life issues and reveals what is important in life. The teen edition tackles fifty of the crucial life issues that young people deal with including coping with anxiety, dating, accepting yourself, nurturing friendships, dealing with hurts.

  1. tobby says:

    I love your book DO HARD THINGS so far it is amazing and is inspiring me so much to do hard things and show society that teens can.

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