Author Wednesday: An Excerpt from Faith in the Corridors of Power

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Author Wednesday

Faith in the Corridors of Power is a thought-provoking collection of reflective entries. The late great Mrs. Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano interacts with Former Senate President Dr Jovito Salonga on the issues of life and faith in the context of Filipino society. 

Here’s a chapter from the book, entitled Wise Leadership


How do we usually judge if a country is stable, even progressive? The population is growing and active, with more youth and people of working age.  Its land area is sufficient for varied industries to thrive and prosper. Its gross national product is healthy; its government and bureaucracy are in place such that the working relationships are not adversarial but harmonious; it is in stride with the technological developments of the world as well as enjoying political, economic, and cultural connectedness with other nations.


These are just some indicators.


All these could happen and more if there is wise leadership at the top; if there are officials who can be trusted by the people – officials whose actions are not routinely contradicted by the citizenry for their irresponsibility or downright wickedness; if sensible men and women sit in the halls of power whose shared vision for the country is large and wide and whose practical bent of mind gets things done with a minimum of political infighting within a democratic framework.


“What the Philippines needs at this time is not simply popularity in poll surveys or dogmatic assertions of doctrinal correctness,” Dr Salonga reiterates, “but ethical moral leadership – if we want a government we can really be proud of, one that is good and decent because its high officials do not confuse ends with means, and are themselves upright and competent, honest and dedicated and compassionate.”


In a democracy, such quality of leadership emanates from the people. It has always been said, we get the government we deserve because the people themselves choose their elected officials who will lead them. And most of the time, citizens do not use their best judgement in choosing their leaders, but think with their grumbling stomachs.


The time to become an educated voter is now, by being responsible and wise as a leader in your own right.



Mrs. Evelyn Miranda Feliciano took a peek into the mind and heart of the noble statesman Dr. Jovito Salonga who reveals how his relationship with God plays a crucial role in his decision-making as a politician, as an advocate of justice, and as the so-called conscience of the nation. The result is Faith in the Corridors of Power, a powerful and inspiring book that tries to bridge that gap between belief and politics.

This book is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstores and PCBS nationwide for only P250

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