Book Monday: Dawn Reapers by Patrick Hobbs

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Book Monday

Patrick and Pamela Hobbs worked with OMF International in the Philippines for some 17 years. In Manile, Patrick launched a holistic community development project among the poor, with a special concern for at risk youth. That project grew into a a house church multiplication movement whose members reach out to others in the city and now more widely to other needy parts of Asia.

Dawn Reapers is the 2nd book he has written about people and stories he has come across in Bukang Liwayway. Here, in his own words, is what the book is all about:

My first book, Dawn Harvest, is a collection of short stories of hope rising from the lives of many at-risk Filipino youth as they become involved in Dawn for the Poor (Bukang Liwayway) and experienced a new identity through a relationship with Christ.

This second book, Dawn Reapers, spans a period of more than sixteen years showing how God is moving among the disadvantaged and how a powerful movement of His Spirit has drawn many of them into becoming involved themselves in reaching out to others who are suffering.

Much of what I describe in these pages has occurred in the lives of real people. However, to simplify the story-telling, and to retain confidentiality, names and characters have been altered; some characters are even composite drawings on the lives of two or three people. They are not intended to be identified as current members of Dawn for the Poor or its emerging mission ministry Dawn of Asia.

It has been a privilege to witness God at work in the lives that I have described here. My hope is that through these short stories readers will join in the wonder of seeing how God can bring such transformation into the lives of marginalised people.

Surely we cannot fail to be inspired by the way in which the Lord has enabled these “Dawn Reapers” to become potential agents of change in even harder places of Asia. May our eyes be opened to see just how great this God of Mission is who is challenging us to take part in such a movement of His Spirit in the Great Commission.

Dawn Reapers is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide for only P250. It is also available in digital format for Amazon Kindle devices and apps


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