Review Thursday: Nitoy Gonzales Talks About Giving Up Is Not An Option

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Review Thursday

We always love it when people send us reviews or posts on our books (who wouldn’t?) And so every week, we try to share with you some of those reviews that we received. This week, we’d like to share with you Nitoy Gonzales’ review on William Girao’s Giving Up Is Not An Option, one of our newest titles. You can read more of Nitoy’s writings on his blog, Delighting Grace. Thank you Nitoy!


There are few (i.e. two actually) Pinoy Christian authors that I truly respect and look forward in read their books. One is William B. Girao, a prolific author and a Bible expositor (because we are so saturated with foreign authors and with a dash of colonial mentality, sometimes that title is reserved for the likes of John McArthur etc.,) . He, as I observe, is handling tough issues (like the previous book he wrote) with the biblical perspective and a gentle pastoral care to the readers. I don’t know about you but we Pinoy readers are so soaked with foreign authors that we forget great authors like him. Maybe we got hook in the hype of an international bestseller book or the Pinoy author won’t give justice to the topic at hand (the stigma that it will turn into icky, mushy, bakya or baduy). But not with this author.


“Giving Up Is Not an Option” delivers the message that God is sovereign, clearly and very understandably and you won’t shout “Is there a John Piper in the house?” That’s right a book that handles the doctrine of sovereignty of God that you’ll actually read and easily indulge without losing its doctrinal integrity. Girao draws from the life examples of Moses, Isaiah, Esther, Daniel and John the Beloved of God being in control in every situation a Christian is facing. Read as these biblical heroes face calamities, despair, persecution and death with the God. It won’t be pleasant look but we all experience things like that in our lives. But Oh how wonderful to know that God is with every believers ups and downs as the book shed a powerful message to bank our hope on God and His sovereign hands.


Sovereignty of God is a very heavy topic and it’s something that you won’t want to tackle in the midst of despair and anxiety we Christians go through. It’s not the best time to talk about theology. You won’t be at lost with the topic because how it is tailored for the Filipino readers. Taking examples to current events and Philippine history, it will hit our hearts and minds. This book is something you can draw from the bookshelves; give it to someone without leaving them boggled with the language and topic. The book premise deals with ruling power of God in everything without being pushy but grounded in firm biblical stance. In every page, Girao lovingly points the readers to look to God despite hopeless predicaments. It won’t leave you with just a few advices but an encouraging hope: that God will not leave us and He is still in control no matter what. Reading this book not just theologically reinforces you with biblical truths but it will uplift your spirit towards hope, perseverance, heaven and a Sovereign God.


Notable Quotes:
“In spite of the seeming overwhelming power of wicked man, God has not reigned from His rule and will never do so.”
“Whatever God may allow us to go through; the certainty of establishment of God’s and His Christ’s eternal Kingdom is, nevertheless, sure.”
“We could face everything life brings with equanimity, peace of heart and mind, joy, excitement and confidence, not because we have buried our head under the sand but because we have a God who is in absolute control of all things.”


Are you in the middle of a crisis? Are you feeling hopeless? Let this book push you to open the Scriptures and draw near to God. Take a new view on how God is working in your circumstances and find Him still in command of every twist and turns of our lives. Published by OMF Lit, this book is 200 pesos and part of their “Think Biblically Series”.

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    “.. we have a God who is in absolute control of all things.”” William Girao

  2. Nitoy Gonzales says:

    thank you for posting my review if you need book reviewers for your new books I can help….

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