Kids’ heroes of the Bible

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Bible
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Ask a kid who he wants to be like and he will probably blurt out the name of his favorite superhero. These gravity-defying, building-swinging, fist-pounding, crime-busting and evil-fighting heroes are so popular with kids that they are everywhere- from party themes, costumes, toys, school bags and kid’s shirts. They are strong, powerful, brave, smart and seemingly invincible. They save helpless people and defeat villains in style. No wonder kids love them!

But not all heroes are donned in powerful suits, fancy capes, and masks. There are heroes whose feats were not achieved using uncanny abilities and the latest gadgetry but through less sophisticated and rather unexciting tools such as self-sacrifice, suffering, obedience, deep faith and great love. Their stories may be devoid of the kind of action and adventure that characterize super heroic stunts but they are equally powerful nonetheless.

There is the small boy who defeated a giant and went on to rule a nation…


…the prince who turned his back from the throne to lead a stubborn and disobedient people to their promised destination…


…the young woman who saved her people by risking her own life…


…the young man who continued to pray despite the threats and was rescued from the lion’s den…


…the determined Pharisee whose life was completely changed when his eyes were opened to the truth.


These real-life stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things are chronicled by the greatest book there is, the Bible. Not all kids know about their stories but those who do are equally excited to tell us who their favorites are. Here’s what they have shared with us.

“Peter is my favorite hero in the Bible because he did not give up even if he is in prison. He kept sharing the good news about God. He also shared the gospel to 3,000 people! He never quit despite the trials and consequences of sharing the gospel. Peter always prays and believes in God. He has deep faith. He knows that even if he suffers physically, he still wanted to listen to God. I want to follow Peter because he obeyed God.”  Jimmy, 8 years old

“My favorite is Jesus because He is powerful, merciful and all-loving God.” Journey, 5 years old

“My favorite Bible hero is Noah. Noah remained righteous even if the people during his time were all wicked. He was obedient to God. He trusted God and built the ark even if the task was hard. And God saved Noah, his family and also the animals. What’s also exciting about Noah’s story was his floating zoo!” Stef, 6 years old

“My favorite Bible hero is Joseph. Joseph was humble and faithful to God all throughout his life. He never questioned God about the injustice he had gone through. He fled from temptation because he wanted to please God. And God exalted Joseph. When God promoted him and he saw his brothers, he forgave them. He told them that what they meant for evil, God meant it for good.” Paolo, 14 years

“ Jesus is my favorite hero. He is powerful. He created the world. He saves us. He is good and he teaches us to be good. He is also the greatest doctor in the whole world.” Gab, 5 years old

These characters may be different from one another and came from different walks of life but they share a common bond- their relationship with God and their commitment to trust and follow Him. They serve an example of how God can use ordinary and even hopeless lives to do great and amazing things for Him. Their stories also point to the ultimate hero- Jesus Christ, who came to save us and help us to become heroes of faith that God calls us to be.

Send us a drawing or sketch  by your child, nephew/niece, little brother/sister or any kid you know (with their permission of course!) of their favorite Bible hero and we’ll give them a limited edition Hiyas coloring book and sticker collection! Post the link to the artwork here or email it to us at

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