Some people get really excited over it. Some try to avoid it like the plague. Some spend the “special day” with their special someone. Some choose to spend it with their fellow singles. Whatever you feel about it, Valentine’s Day is here and the days leading up to it are all above love.

But you don’t need to be in a relationship to appreciate books about relationships right? We think so too. That’s why we’d like to recommend some of our books that can help you learn more about love, whether you’re a teenager, an single adult or a married couple.

Oh, and all these titles are available in ebook format! Just click on the Amazon or Flipreads link to purchase

ipad_Love and Courtship


Love and Courtship by Evelyn Miranda Feliciano*

Is it OK to date?
Can I pray for a mate?
Why are we so different?
How can I be sure it’s love?
Could she be God’s will for me?

This classic book by the late great Evelyn Miranda Feliciano tackles these questions plus a lot more. The answers are Biblically-sound and rooted in the Filipino context and culture.

*not available in print edition

ipad_Solo Flight


Solo and Flight by Grace D. Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao

Single women come in all shapes and sizes. Among many, there’s…

…the workaholic who said “I do” to her career

…the overburdened older sister who acts as the family’s breadwinner

…the hopeless romantic waiting for her knight in shining armor

How do you navigate your way through the skies of life while encountering the dak clouds of doubt and uncertainty? Where do you go when the thick fog of despair blocks the horizon?

In this book co-written with Grace D. Chong, learn from Francie Castañeda-Lacanilao who, for more than five decades, struggled and thrived as a single person until Mr. Right found her. Furthermore, read about eight ladies who took different routes in search for meaning and significance.


ipad-frame_He Said


He Said, She Said by Harold Sala

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what language can they use to understand each other on earth?

Ten happily and healthily married couples share wisdom from their wealth of experience that can help strengthen couples’ relationships with each other and with God. Start enjoying the kind of marriage that God intends for you to have when you stood at the alter and said, “I do.”

Harold and Darlene Sala
Wil and Jacquie Chevalier
Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi
Nelson and Lucy Dy
Jeff and Ruth Chang
Amor and Maricar Alvarez
Francis and Lilia Kong
Danny and Cory Varela
Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan
Fred and Aliw Magbanua

iPad-How to Mend


How to Mend a Broken Heart by Nelson T. Dy

Rejected? Heartbroken? Looking for love? Listen to someone who’s been there.

Walk with Nelson T. Dy as he revisits the road of his own heartbreak and presents many of the valuable lessons he has learned as his heart mended. Learn from the stories of real people in the Bible like Moses, Naomi, David and Elijah as they bore their own kinds of heartaches and later found comfort and healing. How to Mend a Broken Heart gives real-life advice taken from real-life heartbreak.




The Honeymoon Never Ends by Nelson T. Dy

A never-ending honeymoon? Is it even possible?

“I love Lucy!” is more than just the title of a 1950s TV show for Nelson Dy. It’s an impassioned declaration of his deepening love for his darling wife Lucy. (You should hear him say it!) Years after their altar date, Nelson and Lucy’s love for each other is sweeter and stronger than ever—as though they were on extended honeymoon. The secret? A marriage of three, not two. In this sequel to How to Mend a Broken Heart, Nelson invites married ones—husbands, especially—to relive the intimacy and passion of their honeymoon. And to learn to make it a way of life. How? While many experts on marital intimacy suggest that it all starts in the bedroom, Nelson tells couples, “Begin with a Romantic God.”

The Honeymoon Never Ends is a recipient of the 2012 Gintong Aklat (Golden Book) Award, Inspirational Category, from the Book Development Association of the Philippines.




Lovestruck by Ronald Molmisa


Yan ang lagi mong tinatanong sa sarili mo. Every time you feel yourself falling for someone, you always wonder if it’s the real thing. Paano nga ba malalaman kung siya ang the one?

Kung lovestruck ka, take it slow. Hindi naman siguro mag-e-end of the world if you pause for a while and take some time to read this book. Walang guarantee na mapapansin ka na niya pero malalaman mo kung pwede na bang i-level up ang friendship ninyo.




Lovestruck Singles Edition by Ronald Molmisa

“Gradweyt na ako sa puppy love!”

Feeling mo mature ka na kaya di ka na basta-basta mabo-brokenhearted. Nakakailang MU ka na pero bakit hindi pa rin natutuloy sa totohanang relasyon? Pray ka nang pray para sa one true love mo pero paano kung napunta siya sa iba? The best-selling author of Lovestruck and Pass or Fail is back and this time, Ronald Molmisa will have a heart to heart talk with the young and single.

Using the same wit, humor and wisdom in a language that young people can relate to, Kuya Ronald discusses relevant topics like

Sensationally Single
You Were Born this Way
Nanliligaw o Naliligaw?
Usapang M.U.,First Moves at Online Romance
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways . . .
Love versus Zombies
Single and Ready to Mingle
Before You Say “I Do”


ipad_Being Single


Being Single Is Better Than Being Married to an Unsuitable Partner by William Girao

(Whew, that’s a long title huh?)

Tired of going solo? Tempted to tie the knot no matter what? Stop before you marry misery!

Get the guts to be single and available—and living it up. Here’s a candid look at the single life, and a no-nonsense warning about impulsive decisions that might lead to an unhappy future.

Known for his practical wisdom, author William Girao draws from his experience in counseling singles to help you gain insights for making smart choices. Here, he talks about common challenges to singles, such as the lack of “marriageable” men, how to attract the person you are interested in, and the choice to marry or not to marry.


ipad_To Have and To Hold


To Have and To Hold by William Girao*

Marriage, contrary to what fairy tales tell us, is never “and they lived happily ever after.” Marriage is also misunderstandings, making both ends meets, getting up at 3 am to pacify a crying baby, endless cooking, and scrubbing the floors in-between. Marriage is learning to live together in a most intimate fashion with one person for the rest of your life. But how do you exactly live and such a commitment?

To have and to hold offers help in making the needed adjustments. Consisting of short talks (given during actual weddings) and guidelines (termed living out the teaching), this book was written in response to the painful struggles most Christian couples go through. Topics include:

Ways of saying “I love you”
Controlling family expenses
Duties, not privileges
Making decisions together
Rest and recreation
Couples care group

*not available in print edition)

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