How to Be Sensationally Single this Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Books
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2548820They say that Valentine’s Day is SAD as it stands for Singles Awareness Day. On February 14, singles feel the heightened social pressure to be in a relationship. Not being able to meet this expectation, they struggle with envy over romantic couples and in turn develop a sense of loneliness. Bestselling author Ronald Molmisa tackles how one can be sensationally single on Valentine’s Day.

The discontentment over singlehood is an issue of the heart. Singles assume that they should have a partner and if they don’t, something must be wrong with them. Ronald Molmisa explains, “Huwag mong isipin na kakaiba ka. When you handle singlehood, ilapit mo sa Panginoon ang iyong mga struggles at the same time huwag ka ng magpapaniwala na kailangan may partner ka.”

He also stresses the need to get to know a lot of people in order to have wider social support. Molmisa recommends that singles go out with their friends on Valentine’s Day instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about themselves. “Puwede kang makipagdate sa’yong mga kaibigan na single din. Magandang maramdaman ninyo ang suporta ng bawat isa at masaya din kapag may gimik ang mga magkakaibigan.”


As Valentine’s Day only lasts for a day, Ronald Molmisa reassures singles, “Ano man ang relationship status mo, may magandang plano si Lord sa’yo, so hindi mo kailangan ng ibang tao para sumaya.” Developing oneself spiritually, emotionally and physically must take priority in order to make a mature decision when a possible relationship comes along.

ipad-frame_LovestruckRonald Molmisa offers more insights on singlehood in his bestselling book Lovestruck: Singles Edition. Written in Taglish, he dissects the struggles of singles, offers advice on online romance, and guidance on marriage.  Lovestruck: Singles Edition ranks fifth in the National Book Store Bestsellers List for Philippine Publications. It is available in paperback at all OMF Lit Bookshops, PCBS and National Bookstores nationwide for P75 and in digital format through Amazon and Flipreads.

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