How to Keep the Romance after Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Books
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Married couples don’t have to miss on romance once Valentine’s Day is over. Award-winning author Nelson Dy and his wife Lucy share how everyday can be Valentine’s Day.

How do you spend Valentine’s Day?

Nelson: Every year I would carefully select a Valentine’s card from our favorite bookstore and write lengthily how much I cherish her and how she has blessed my life.

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What’s the best thing about being married to your spouse?

Lucy: I come from a huge family and he has to relate with my siblings, in-laws, nephews and nieces!  I can never forget how he made everybody laugh during our family Christmas parties, especially when he performed “Mr. Suave” and last December, Gangnam style! Imagine my husband doing those roles because of his love for me!


What’s the most memorable way you reconciled with your spouse after an argument?

Nelson: Recently, we were about to enjoy breakfast at a hotel, but Lucy wanted to clear the air first from the previous night’s argument. We had a no-holds-barred discussion. We agreed on how to prevent the argument from recurring, including doing our best to idiot-proof our text messages.

Lucy: Whenever there’s some misunderstanding, my husband is very patient in explaining the real issues and how to resolve it. When he says “sorry”, I feel his sincerity and grief.
Nelson_Lucy2How do you keep the romance in your marriage?

Nelson: It is so easy to drag myself home exhausted from work and commute, eat my dinner sullenly, and crash in front of the TV until bedtime. So I have to take the effort to hug and kiss her when I arrive and be all ears for her “kwento” from her day.

Lucy: Nelson and I text each other every day and say simple I love you’s or express our concern for one another.

How can couples celebrate their relationship even after Valentine’s Day?

Nelson: Actually, every day should be a Valentine’s Day. As much as possible, hug and kiss your spouse every day, especially after a long day’s work at the office.

Lucy: I pray for my husband everyday for his safety, success at work and for the protection of our marriage.  I also prepare food varieties that will please my husband. And what beats a good massage after being dog-tired from a long day?

ipad_HoneymoonNelson Dy reveals more on intimacy as a way of life in the Gintong Aklat award-winning, The Honeymoon Never Ends. It is available in paperback at all OMF Lit Bookshops, PCBS and National Bookstores nationwide for P195 and in digital format through Amazon and Flipreads.

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