Men and Women Don’t Talk the Same Way

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Books
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International bestselling authors Harold and Darlene Sala almost didn’t make it to the altar on December 23, 1959. Harold had already bought a ring out of his earnings from a repair job and headed to California to see Darlene. When he popped the question, Darlene said “No.” Darlene recalls, “The problem had a lot to do with a lack of communication.” Although they had been together for three years and had a deep love for each other, they weren’t able to freely express their thoughts.

Harold admits to being as dense as a coconut. He totally misses Darlene’s non-verbal signals. Harold comes from a family of extroverts while Darlene grew up in a reserved home. To Darlene, a sniffle meant something had to be discussed but to Harold it meant he had to give his girlfriend a handkerchief. Harold was outspoken on issues while Darlene kept her opinions to herself. Such patterns went on and this resulted in a lack of honesty in their relationship until Darlene mustered the courage to talk to Harold about something that bothered her about him. To her surprise, Harold didn’t react violently. She realized that she has met a man whom she could trust her thoughts and opinions with.

Dr Sala n Darlene copyNow married for more than 50 years, Harold and Darlene have learned to communicate freely and decipher each other’s cues. Harold shares that “communication is the most important ingredient in a successful marriage.” Darlene adds “Men can’t read minds and women can only go so far in doing it.” 

Their journey has inspired them to come up with the book He Said, She Said and What God Said. Together with married couples Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan, Francis and Lilia Kong, Peter and Deonna Tan-chi, Nelson and Lucy Dy, Wil and Jacqui Chevalier, Fred and Aliw Magbanua, Jeff and Ruth Chang, Amor and Maricar Alvarez, and Danny and Cory Varela, they reveal their struggles and failures, and how they have the found the humility to forgive, change and grow. Harold explains that marriage requires hard work as he calls it “the ultimate reality show where we see each other’s warts, bumps, idiosyncrasies of personality and temperament.”

ipad-frame_He SaidHe Said, She Said and What God Said is available in paperback at all OMF Lit Bookshops, PCBS and National Bookstores nationwide for P250 and in digital format through Amazon and Flipreads.


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