Life Revised Conversations: It’s Not About What’s-in-it-for-me

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Life Revised

A life revised conversation with Author, Ardy Roberto

Known as an in-demand speaker, award winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Ardy Roberto shares how he was once a self-focused businessman until God humbled him and changed his life.

Q:  What was life like before knowing Jesus?

Ardy: Before my late wife, Tingting, led me to Christ through her prayers and her bringing me to a Bible study where the good news was shared, I was a confused, ambitious person who did not think twice about lying and deceiving people for gain. I hid under a mask of supposed gentlemanliness and kindness but I embraced the philosophy that it was okay to cheat on or have multiple relationships and affairs as long as you didn’t get caught or as long as it didn’t hurt anyone. I bought into the lifestyle that the “head deceiver” wanted me to buy into: worldliness and “what’s-in-it-for-me”?

Q:  What was your turning point?

Ardy: My wife, who was then my fiancee, told me that she was going to a Bible study. At that time, I was depressed about a major business failure. But right before she walked through the door of my flat and said that she was leaving (for the bible study), I had prayed to the Lord in desperation: “God, if you’re real–please lift up and take out this heavy burden on my chest.” And just like that — like a gust of wind lifting up a kite — the burden was lifted and gone! And then Tingting walked in, as if on cue, and “invited” me to the Bible study. I told her I would go with her and at that Bible study, God’s words and promise became alive. I prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and then the miracles of change started to happen.

Ardy RobertoQ:  How has knowing Christ changed you?

Ardy: Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A total transformation of the heart. I could not swear or cuss, or lie. That was the immediate change. Then I started having the power to obey and have faith in God’s promises. My life has been a blessed one. And even if my beloved wife, my Swato (SWeet PotaTO) passed away recently last January 5th, the grace of God has been enough to sustain me. I’ve been grieving, but I see God grieving with me as I weep. I am moving from mourning to dancing, from grief to joy, and the Lord is there with me and my Joshy Boy (now 5 yrs old) every step of the way.



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