A Life Revised: Saved from Suicide (guest post by Mich Mabuti)

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Saved from Suicide

A life revised story

By Mich Mabuti

Mylene Delen placed all her hopes in her achievements but when she could no longer live up to people’s expectations, she thought of ending her life. Confronted with a picture of God’s love, Mhye learns a lesson that forever gives her hope. In this life revised story, Mhye shares what she has learned since the day she nearly gave up on life.

A Longing for More

Mhye grew up in a religious home. Although she went to church regularly as a young child, she struggled with a longing she could not explain.  When she was ten, she attended a Bible study in her aunt’s house. It turned out to be a memorable experience where she found joy in worshipping God and listening to His Word. She felt that God was offering her friendship and that it was the answer to what she had been longing for.  Soon after, she asked Jesus Christ to come into her life.

From Secure to Insecure

Mylene’s faith journey was tested when she entered college at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños. Overwhelmed with pressure, she thought she could not measure up to the high standards of the university. Mylene shares, “I struggled on my own. Back in elementary and high school, I was used to being loved as Mylene — the consistent valedictorian; I was afraid of failing people’s expectations. What if I failed? What if my grades were low? My mind was flooded with insecurities.”

Soon, her grade-consciousness led to depression. Haunted by her fear of failure, she thought of committing suicide. “The enemy kept on deceiving me, telling me that if I ended my life, I wouldn’t have to face failure. Instead of failing, I could give up on life,” she recalled.

Saved from Suicide

That dark moment arrived when Mhye decided to take her own life. She prepared to jump off a bridge when God suddenly touched her heart and spoke to her. “It was God and His grace that stopped me. Instead of jumping off the bridge, He allowed me to appreciate the beauty of His creation. It was so refreshing to witness the beauty of life from the top of the bridge. Seeing how deep the fall was from the bridge only seemed to remind me of the depth of God’s love. God is so good . . . . affirming me of His unchanging love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance and turning my eyes to the beauty of life that is in Him,” Mhye recounts. The incident became a turning point for Mhye as she discovered God’s great love for her.

Later, Mhye found herself part of a spiritual family inside the university through Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). Deeply encouraged, her desire to know God and to serve Him intensified. She was burdened for her fellow students who were also battling their own insecurities and were looking to good grades, recognition and relationships for significance. Mhye adds, “I can see all the more how the world is in need of Jesus; He who transformed me from the inside out is the only one who can change the hearts of people.”

The Transition


After graduating in 2011, Mhye found her calling, reaching out to college students as a campus missionary.  Today, she helps students know more about God and how they can have a meaningful relationship with Him.

Mhye affirms that surrendering her life to Christ was the best decision she had ever made. From being insecure, she became secure in Christ. She moved from being “grade-conscious” to grace-conscious. From hopeless to hopeful.

It is clear from Mhye’s story that the approval we search for can only be found through knowing that God accepts us wholeheartedly. Not because of our accomplishments but because He loves us beyond our abilities. Truly, He is the only source of renewed life through the riches of his mercy, grace and love.

  1. In many cases, depression sets in because people give too much importance on what others might think or say. They can accept their personal failures, but they can not bear the hurting words and criticisms. Be a hope booster, not a hope buster!

    This blog post is for severely discouraged individuals and the people around them: http://arayatamarilyn.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/warning-depression-can-lead-to-suicide/

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