How to Incorporate Books and Reading Into Your Summer Vacation

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Tuesday Tips for Writers

Unless you’re not in the Philippines right now, it’s obvious to everyone that summer is already in full swing. Students are in vacation mode, office people are filing leaves to go out of town and families are planning reunions and beach get-aways.

It’s easy to be caught up in the excitement of planning all these activities. It’s also normal to get annoyed with the weather and the traffic and even the lack of holidays and vacation time for the working people. It’s equally common to get distracted and lose focus when your mind is daydreaming about surfing or climbing a mountain or lounging by a swimming pool.

And so we’d like to remind you, whether you’re at work or school or on vacation, to take some time to Pause, Read and Reflect. Here are a few suggestions on how you can still incorporate reading in the midst of everything.



Make a hopeful but realistic reading list

It’s easy to get caught up listing all the books that you want to read while on vacation, but just prioritize those that you’ve always wanted to read or the newest book from your favorite writer. That way, you can temper your reading expectations.

Go on a “book pilgrimage”

For those who are on vacation from school, or even those who took a few weeks off from work, you can go on a “pilgrimage” to places you normally can’t go to during your busy schedule: libraries, specialty bookshops, out of the way bargain bookstores. Oh and you might want to drop by any of our 10 OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide. We’d love to have you there!

Go outside and read a book

If you’re not on vacation and will be stuck in the metro during the entire summer vacation, don’t deprive yourself of a reading holiday. Go to a park during the weekend (Ayala Triangle, Parks and Wildlife, La Mesa Ecopark, etc) and bring a picnic basket and your favorite book.


Storytelling Hour

Are your kids getting a bit restless, waiting for the days until your family outing? Organize a once a week storytelling hour. Invite your neighbour’s kids. Make pre and post interactive storytelling activities. Serve small, yummy refreshments. Choose books that are fun but will also teach them life-long values. Your storytelling hour might just become the “it” activity in your neighbourhood.

Take a book break

Are you stressed out at work because you can’t take a vacation? Ease your stress by taking a book break during your breaks. Instead of an hour-long lunch, take 30 minutes to sneak in a few chapters of your current read. And during your coffee/merienda break, take a book with you to keep you company.

Maybe it’s time for book spring cleaning

Another thing that people usually do during summer is spring clean. Take a look at your personal library and if there are books that you want to “liberate”, you can hold a book sale or even just give them to friends who you know will enjoy them.

Share the love

If your books are getting a little lonely there on your shelves, why don’t you let other people temporarily enjoy them by opening up your library to trusted friends. Just make sure you keep track of who borrowed which book. Or you could also leave a book to “donate” to a random stranger in a coffee shop, a bench, on the bus or anywhere you feel that a fellow book lover would be.

Start a book blog

One of your projects this summer could also be starting or reviving your book blog! It would be great to share with the world your book reviews, how books changed your way of thinking or even your life. And if you want us to take a look at your book blog, just email us back a link and we’ll include you in our ever-growing list of book bloggers!


If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post in the comments section!


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