About OMF Literature

After half-a-century of publishing in the Philippines, OMF LITERATURE remains confident in God’s power to touch lives, impart truth, and effect change through Christian literature.

Publishing Truth. Shaping Generations.

Blessed to be the leading publisher, importer-exporter, and distributor of evangelical Christian literature in the Philippines today, our commitment is to take an active part in shaping the hearts and minds of every generation by publishing biblical, socially relevant, and life-transforming books and literature.

We continually trust God to breathe life into the words he has called us to publish so He can use them whichever way He chooses. For the message is His. We at OMF LIT are simply channels.


OMF Literature is a movement of Christians who desire to honor God by depending on the Holy Spirit to achieve excellence in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting spiritual growth primarily among Filipinos, living in the Philippines and abroad, through the effective and righteous management of a publishing business.


To publish, import, and market books, other literary materials and related merchandise that are Christ-centered, biblically sound and culturally relevant in proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, equipping Church leaders and drawing all, particularly the youth, to the Lord.


  1. We will strive to provide books, other literary materials and related merchandise that effectively address the spiritual, life-stage and relational needs of our target readers. We will endeavor to identify these needs through appropriate market research and the monitoring of relevant trends and reader habits.
  2. We will ensure that our publications and related merchandise are appropriately packaged and marketed so as to successfully compete in the marketplace, while satisfying the needs of our trade customers. Whenever it promotes our mission, we will aim to be the market leaders.
  3. We will proactively seek and nurture indigenous authors and develop book concepts to maximize the potential of proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples in a Filipino context.
  4. We will be open to evaluate and employ technology that is appropriate, efficient, and proven both in the development and marketing of our products and in the cost-efficient management of our business.
  5. We will exercise professionalism and prudence in the management of our business, be steadfast in prayer for OMF Literature and faithful in our corporate tithing so that, by the grace of God, we will continuously generate a positive level of profit and cash flow to sustain this movement. As a matter of policy, we will not borrow. However, if deemed appropriate and necessary, and only for clearly defined, mission-driven programs, we will be open to solicit financial support from donors.
  6. We will strive for excellence in leading and serving our people in OMF Literature, demonstrating servant leadership and cultivating a Spirit-led management style characterized by a balance of compassion, discipline and stewardship.
  7. With the goal of growing in and spurring one another toward Christ-likeness, we will endeavor to promote the professional and spiritual development of each employee, fostering a company culture of continuous improvement, teamwork and meaningful affirmation.
  8. We will practice good citizenship in our community and country by striving to demonstrate Christian love and integrity in all our dealings. We will actively engage in nation-building, primarily by championing Christian values formation and contributing to increased literacy by promoting a love for reading, giving special attention to the country’s youth.
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