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Every Follow Friday, we feature some of the best answers from our FB or Twitter followers. This week we asked them “If there’s one thing you can tell people about Lent/Holy Week, what would you say?”

Here are some of the answers that spoke to us:

“May ipinangako na manliligtas sayo at Siya ay ipinako sa Krus. Ang Pangako na ipinako ay ang tanging Daan, tanging Katotohanan at tanging Buhay at pag-asa natin.”

– Hazel Suson Alvarez


“Jesus died once (not every year) for our sins to be forgiven… Jesus paid it all on the cross.”

–  Majoy Puertos Satana


” The nail-pierced hands of Jesus shows the love filled heart of God to us”

– Pamela Ruth Tacsuan


“Kalayaan at Pag-asa… ito ang kahulugan ng Mahal Na Araw para sa akin… na minsan, sa kasaysayan ng mundo, may isang taong ipinako sa krus para palayain ang sangkatauhan sa kasalanan at bigyan ng bagong pag-asa ang lahat ng nabubuhay sa kadiliman… ang sabi nga ni Hesus habang Siya’y nakabayubay doon sa krus, “Naganap na!”… hindi na ito mauulit pa… ang manampalataya ay maliligtas…”

– Romnick Melliza


” Holy Week is a joyous time because we are being reminded to reflect and thank God for giving His only begotten Son to die for our sins. Once and for all, Jesus made a way for us to avail of the most amazing gift ever known. It is already finished–thousand of years ago! 🙂 The question now is, have you already accepted this gift of eternal life offered by Jesus by grace though faith, and not by your own works? “

– Glaiza Garcia Tominio


” I would share the beauty of the message of the gospel and the grandness of God’s love for us. And to empower such message, I will quote verses:
    ‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’ (Romans 5:8)

‘and this is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us…’ (1 John 3:16) “

– Ryan Reyes


” I would tell people, that while it is good to remember this coming lent the greatest sacrifice which is Christ’s death, because if not for Him, we wouldn’t have the gift of salvation, we should also remember and know, that Jesus died only once, and that He rose again and he is now in Heaven. The cross is empty. And that there is no good deed or sacrifice that human can do that could save us. Salvation is only through faith in Jesus (Eph. 2:8-9)”

– Ysac Antigo


The nail-pierced hands ofJesus shows the love filled heart of God to us


Last week, when we reached 7,000 fans on Facebook, we asked you what were some of the reasons why you love books. We wanted to share with you some of the best answers submitted and hope that you would also be encouraged to read or take up reading again or share your love for reading

Edwin D. Arceo I love books because it takes me to places where I cannot go just through my imagination. Reading books enriches my knowledge of this world and those around me.

Glaiza Garcia Tominioi love books because it teaches great life lessons and at the same time very entertaining. you can also get to know your favorite authors as well. 🙂

Bo Yzolde Teruel CalañgiBooks bring me to a new world where no one else had been, to a country and culture miles away from where i am and a place only reachable by imagination with every lift of pages.

Jaeki Coffee TabuadaI love books because reading is part of my life’s journey, and i’m always learning from the authors. I find it quite enjoyable as well as relaxing. If you sit down with coffee and a good book to read on.

Ligaya Navidad-Espina books allow us to learn at our own pace, at our own leisure. It is the best backpack ‘entertainment’ since it requires no electricity nor a playmate

Ernest Genesis Mercado Guevara Books for me simply are the souls dwindling to teach us the experiences of the past. They are my friends of whom I find comfort during my struggles, but nevertheless they serve as my total conscience when I’m bound to do unlikely things. They simply cultivate my spirit. They give me wisdom and enlightenment. They make me smile when needed; and joy to sustain me through grief. They mirror me in every way. Simply books that I have and love represents people of different culture and nature, and also simply God’s way of placing inanimate and imaginative personas in my life with whom He had breath with life and wonderful music.

Ryan ReyesI love books because they take me to places i have never been to, meet persons i have never met and learn things i have never known.

Alek Matthew Robert Fernandez I use to travel a lot through riding a bus. (like going to school everyday). and it feels like I’m wasting my life just sitting there thinking about random things until i get to my destination. And reading a book satisfies me, not just it me made me something to do while sitting, but I also get to learn from it That when I got to my destination, I feel like a different man with new wisdom. :DD
(not that I hate to travel though, I stroll at the middle of the night sometimes just thinking about anything
Amie Natividad reading books most especially Christian books enriches my knowledge and relationship with my Creator.
Teenah Tiam CabonitallaI love reading books because it gives me a lot of information that though i might not use it right a way but surely it will in the future.
Elinor SemiraI love books because (1) It lets me gain knowledge (2) It is the best way to relax and enjoy, relieves stress (3) It takes me to a new world & far-away places (4) It allows me to meet new people & make new friends (5) It allows me to learn other people’s lives & perspectives (6) It makes me improve myself & learn new skills (7) It helps me from boredom and monotony 🙂
I love books because I found no reason not to. Reading has been my favorite form of relaxation and there is nothing more rewarding than learning even while at rest. A whole lifetime isn’t enough to learn and experience everything and in reading, I learn through the experiences of others. We are living in a generation where reading books are replaced by surfing the internet. But to me, I’d rather publish a book than create a website. (^_^)
Ezekiel Melliza Yoon I love reading books because it makes me a human…Human in a way that I can know the facts and so as the lies to correct. It makes me travel back in time and to the future. It doesn’t only gives information but also gives life. It is a printed evidence that whatever data i will gather,has it’s trusted sources…and most of all. It DEFINES…
Vincent HaosonI love reading books since they have been my teacher in areas where conversations, lectures, classes and even conventions don’t dwell into.
Books also opened my eyes to areas, circumstances and situations that are foreign to me but are true to others, thus broadening my horizon on some of life’s realities that I would never get to experience.
Books have also been instrumental to shaping some of my core beliefs that up to this day ring true to who I am.

In case you didn’t know it yet, we’re having a Twitter Bible awareness campaign/contest in celebration of the National Bible Week. We asked our Twitter followers to express in 140 characters or less how the Bible has changed their lives. These are some of the entries that we’ve had so far. If you want to view all the entries, just view the hashtag #MyBibleStory on Twitter. You can also follow these people on Twitter, you’ll be entertained and inspired with their tweets! Share your own 140 character stories on how the Bible has changed your life

You still have until Monday to join our Facebook, Twitter and blog contests. Click here for the details

The Bible teaches me a lot of things, like don’t tease people when it comes to love, says in Song of Solomon 2:7. – @TheDanGalman

reading the bible gives me a fresh supply of love, hope and peace every single day.- @dyin17

The truth will set you free & there’s nothing more true than God’s Word. It keeps on opening my eyes to the lies of the enemy. – @amrie

I am not alone. I am secure. The bible is an assurance of God’s promise, presence, & power. – @shellyness17

More than any other book ever written,my life has been drastically changed since I started spending time in the Word of God.- @jaekicoffee

The Bible makes me see that I’m a worthless sinner but God believes in me that I can be like Jesus. That’s life-changing. – @Jhean_1027

the BIBLE changed my life because I got to know what God’s will & His promises are; also I got to know GOD more. – @samuelcabbuag

Now i live to the fullest knowing that i am loved. and I’m sharing it, in the same breath: you are loved -the Bible tells us. – @sweet_elude

mylifechangewheni readthebible it hasenlighten meand irealize that it is not an ordinary booklikeotherand itsthe ♥ LetterofGod – @LeanielTangente

The bible changed me from inside out – from the way I think to the way I act. It’s a vital, my soul cojourner and it empowers.- @abcjen

The Bible is where I can find wisdom,knowledge & God’s unfailing love for me,it transform my life to a life more like Jesus – @memyselfandi_mj

The Bible transformed me from sinner to be a believer and now I AM the son of God and I’m PROUD!!! – @nomad05

The peacefulness and the emotional stillness the Bible provides is the one that truly aligns me and fills my cup. – @gorgeous_al14

When I started reading the Bible, I realized my God is able. – @krisettecapati

Follow Friday: Daddy Blogs

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Follow Friday

Who says that only Moms have their say in the blogging world? Here are some worthwhile daddy bloggers who blog about their adventures in parenting

Backpacking Dad

“My name is Shawn. I live in the Silicon Valley. This blog here, Backpacking Dad, is not about hiking, camping, nature or the outdoors. This is a dad blog.

What’s a dad blog? Just like every other kind of blog, but I’m dad, so sometimes my kids show up here. Being a dad blogger seems to also mean being a photography blogger, no matter how bad, a food blogger, no matter how amateurish, a social media blogger, no matter how pompous, and a public opinion holder. Oh, and now sometimes I write about hiking because I took up hiking.”

A Twisted Christian Dad

don’t be scared of the title, he doesn’t mean twisted in a “bad” sense 🙂

“I’m a husband, father, and Christ follower. I have a toddler and a baby, and a beautiful wife. I’m not big on labels and live by the saying, “What is True for me doesn’t have to be True for you.” I apply it to parenting as well as my faith. ”


Basically, the title just says it all. It’s a blog about geeky stuff that dads can teach their kids 🙂

Paolo Punzalan

“Husband of his bestfriend Jenn. Dad of … … Nathan, Janina, Ryan & Joaquin . Baseball coach. Victory Pastor
My posts are primarily going to be about 2 things:

Busy Dad Blog

“One awesome 8-year-old boy, newborn girl, a lovely wife, two dogs, and a picket fence later, I’m still shuffling my feet trying to find my rhythm as a kick ass dad. And as with any endeavor of this magnitude, it deserves to be documented. So I started this blog.”

Dennis Sy

Though his blog is mainly about church and theology, Pastor Dennis Sy, Senior Pastor of Victory Greenhills, has great blog entries about parenting and raising up godly pastor’s kids


“I’m completely and utterly in love with my children and when I’m not drooling over them I’m doing one of the following: drinking wine, taking pictures, playing with my iPhone, listening to an audio book, trying some kind of new food, surfing online, sleeping, watching TV, yappin’ on the phone, and last but not least trying to spend quality time with “The Boss”.

The Internet doesn’t necessarily have to be a parent’s worst nightmare. With the proper tools to monitor the websites you’re visiting, and the proper research as to what websites you can recommend to your kids, it can be a very useful tool to enhance the things that kids learn from school. And it can also help them be more interested in reading!

Here is our list of recommended websites that can be both fun and educational!

Christian Publishers (Kids’ sites)

  • the kids site for Zondervan
  • has daily devotions for kids, games and activities
  • has sections for parents and educators too

  • kids site for Thomas Nelson
  • includes blog, contests and free items

  • official website of the beloved book and video series
  • has games, videos, stories and e-cards kids can send out


Educational Sites

  • everything that National Geographic offers, but made more fun and interactive for kids
  • games, puzzles, activities – everything kids love about the Discovery Channel

  • site that shows that math need not be scary or boring, through games, puzzles, art projects
  • includes practice lessons for every imaginable math problems

Activities / Games

  • has tie-ups with kid favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia series, etc
  • includes fun academic games and activities, with a teachers/parents guide too

  • the science of fun
  • includes jokes/riddles, boredom busters, magic tricks and even recipes that kids can try out

Reading Resources

  • best digital access to children’s books from around the world

  • has reading and literacy games, as well as math and science activities
  • interactive videos

  • reviews of all the latest books for kids
  • includes guide for teachers and parents too



The R.O.B US insanity has definitely spread through the blogging world. We’d like to feature a few of the bloggers who are promoting our sale madness on their sites and the books they are recommending. You can check out their blogs too, since they write and recommend a lot of varied and interesting books, ideas, events, etc

And if you have a blog that you’d like us to feature, just leave a link to your blog in the comments section

A Life in Bloom 

How to Read the Bible Book by Book

“I find this as a perfect companion once I get back to my Bible-reading next month. I am very interested to know some historical facts and persons behind the books in the Bible and these are well-presented by this book. Orienting data, overviews, advices and walk through are provided for all books which makes Bible-reading for me more captivating. ”

Spirit Controlled Temperament

“Temperaments and personalities have been fascinating for me. I guess that is inherent because of the nature of my work at the university for more than a decade. I have read and studied a lot of theories regarding the subject but this book is one of the easiest to understand. I started reading this book last night and I was very amused when I read about the temperament type that I have. Can you guess which one? ”

A Mess Called Amrie’s Life

She recommends these two books

Decaffeinated Dreams

“Since I am into devotional books, they are offering two devotional books for sale: DEVOTIONS ON THE GO AND THE ONE YEAR DEVOTIONS FOR WOMENwhich I highly recommend for your reading pleasure.

These devotional’s are good for those working women and busy housewives, it is like a quick caffeine fix only it uplifts and inspires you more.

I’ll say grab the opportunity while you can to get those imported high quality books on sale.”

Inspirational Insights

“I love books! So whenever OMF Literature has a sale, I try to drop by their shops to check good deals. Today is the start of OMF’s R.O.B Us (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied! 40% off over 200 Titles and 30% off all OMF Lit titles! Here is the list of local and republished and imported titles that you can choose from!

I am personally heading to the book store tomorrow to get a copy of The Big Book of Questions and Answers about Jesus and A Woman After God’s Own Heart!”

Her kid even wrote a book report! Click here. Cute!

Mommy Writes

“My highly recommended choices: Gifts of Grace books 1, 2, 3 by Ms.Grace Chong. I love all three books! The stories are very inspiring and you’ll really have a lot of food for thought after reading each story.”

Musings of a Reformed Mind

“Book lovers, book fanatics, book addicts, bookworms, or  whatever you want to call yourselves, if you are within Metro Manila, there’s great news for you. OMF Literature’s R.O.B Us (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied is still ongoing. If you’re a bookstore rat like me, then you know that OMF regularly holds great book sales. Well, this is one of them.

So far, I have The Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans, Can Man Live Without God by Ravi Zacharias, and Your Mind Matters by John Stott in my to-buy list. See y’all there!”

Periwinkle Confessions

For You

Live Life On Purpose
Claude Hickman

My sister`s got this book in the old American cover (She met Claude Hickman a few years ago) and this is something that could change the course of your life.  If your looking for purpose, go drop that map you`ve planned for your life, read this book and start looking at the North Star which is Jesus Christ. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BY CATHY!

For Your Sisterimage

Saving My First Kiss
Lisa Velthouse

Give this as birthday gift, graduation gift (just keep it in your closet until next year), or as a back-to-school gift. Let her know that her purity matters to her and to  God.

I`ve never read this book. Tried to borrow from my best friends but their copies are like library copies and you would have to line up and wait for your turn. BUT there`s no reason now why I wouldn`t get one for myself. Whoa! I mean, P105.00. I can`t believe this!

TO BE CONTINUED (More bloggers to follow!)

Why are mothers one of God’s best creations? Let us count the ways…

  • She is the master of multi-tasking! Husbands, kids, career, time for herself – all of these she can juggle with the best of them
  • She will worry about you, whether you’re 3 years old or 30 years old
  • She will help you finish your school project, even though she’s dead tired at the end of the day.
  • That thing called maternal instinct? It’s almost always right. So you better listen to what she says.
  • Her gentleness and sweetness can help make a bad day at school (or even in the office) fade away.
  • She has that “secret recipe” that for you, is the best you’ve ever tasted.
  • She will love you, no matter what you do
  • God had a very special plan when He used her to give you life.

Aside from the flowers and chocolates that we traditionally shower on our favorite women on earth, why not give her something that she can cherish for a long time: words that will nourish her heart and soul. Here are some book gift suggestions for the most important woman in your life:

How to Win Your Child’s Heart by Ruth Chang, is compact and full of practical insight to help parents gain the confidence they need to be the best parent they can be. With this book, learn to PARENT—Praise, Accept, Respect, Empathize, Nurture and Train—their children in a way that will capture their hearts.

Refreshing Words for Busy Women by Darlene Sala has 365 short selections meant to renew, restore and revive women who are overwhelmed with the daily grind of life. Like a warm, relaxing chat with a friend, these pages will help women turn their focus from their circumstances to God.

Embracing God’s Purpose for My Special Child by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz is the story of one woman’s journey in raising a daughter with Down’s Syndrome and the stories shared by parents of other special children. The book offers encouragement, practical help and solid facts for parents and friends of special families.

Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman will help married couples identify and speak each other’s love language in daily devotionals aimed at building the foundation of marriage through communication, respect, unconditional love, and forgiveness.


Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge helps women unveil the mysteries of her soul and to understand that the heart matters more than anything.

No Lipstick for Mother by Grace D. Chong is a children’s story for all ages that will help you fall even more in love with your mother. This was a First prize winner in the Story for Children in English category of the 2005 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

All of these books are available at OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore, Powerbooks and PCBS bookstores nationwide.

Yes, Facebook is still the number one social network but Twitter is the network of choice for some of your favorite Christian writers to post their quotes, quips, updates and even some freebies and promos. We’re having fun retweeting some of them but we hope that you also follow them to add to their network and to be even more updated with their projects and lives. And of course, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter:

So here are the Twitter accounts: (do let us know if you know of some that we’ve forgotten in the list)

Homegrown Authors:

Ardy Roberto

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

International Authors

Alex Harris

A.W Tozer (of course he can’t actually tweet, but his publisher tweets quotes)

Chuck Swindoll

Don Miller

Erwin McManus

Gary Chapman

Gary Haugen

Joel Rosenberg

John and Staci Eldredge

John Maxwell

John Stott

Jon Acuff

Joshua Harris

Max Lucado

Os Hillman

Randy Alcorn

More often than not, Christians are always seen as serious/uptight/doomsday-like creatures by the rest of the world. And in the instances that “Christian jokes” come up, they’re often considered trite and corny. And the saddest thing of all is that late night shows in the US, and even local columnists have used Christians as “punching bags” for their jokes and sarcastic commentaries.

Along came Jonathan Acuff and his humorous (and controversial) blog Stuff Christians Like which  he says is “about the funny things we Christians do. And what they just might reveal about our faith.”

His entries poke fun at such varied things like

sinning in jealousy over those who got IPads for Christmas

peeking to see who is raising their hands during a prayer

grace online

understanding how metrosexual your leader is

the side hug (aka the safest hug for Christians)

He’s become quite controversial in some conservative circles, but as long as you don’t take it seriously and you remember that this is a satire blog, and it’s all in good, clean, “Christian fun”, it is a fascinating read. And you might find yourself saying “Haha, yes, I do that!” to every other entry.

Because of the tremendous following of this blog, it’s already spawned a book, which you might be able to find at some of the OMF Lit Bookshops. You can also follow Jon Acuff on his Twitter account for daily bursts of hilarity.

Happy Reading!!!

What? You haven’t heard of Relevant Magazine yet? Well, it’s time you did!

Relevant is not your typical Christian magazine or website. The very name itself is self-explanatory: this is about things that are, well, relevant to the modern-day Christian. Oftentimes, we tend to separate our “Christian life” with our “secular life”. Relevant “explores the intersection of faith and pop culture with the tagline “God. Life. Progressive Culture.”

They feature movies, music, TV shows and other pop culture phenomenon that are not necessarily of the Christian variety, but which everyone talks about. And what they do is examine these things, and not in a holier-than-thou attitude, but in a way where it is both fun, thought-provoking and in a sense, faith-strengthening.

There’s so much to explore in their website that sometimes some of us get lost in it for a few hours (well, it can constitute research right?)

There are the articles, the online radio, the online music video/live performance channel, the podcast (a personal favorite of mine – Ed.), the outreaches, the store, the magazine itself and so much more!

Plus, they have all these awesome guest writers

And as founder and CEO Cameron Strang says

“… we’re just a group of people like you who are asking questions, living life to its fullest, seeking God, having fun, trying to reach people and impact the world around us. And the magazine reflects that.”
Tell us if you read/have read Relevant and what do you like about it