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A life revised conversation with Author, Ardy Roberto

Known as an in-demand speaker, award winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Ardy Roberto shares how he was once a self-focused businessman until God humbled him and changed his life.

Q:  What was life like before knowing Jesus?

Ardy: Before my late wife, Tingting, led me to Christ through her prayers and her bringing me to a Bible study where the good news was shared, I was a confused, ambitious person who did not think twice about lying and deceiving people for gain. I hid under a mask of supposed gentlemanliness and kindness but I embraced the philosophy that it was okay to cheat on or have multiple relationships and affairs as long as you didn’t get caught or as long as it didn’t hurt anyone. I bought into the lifestyle that the “head deceiver” wanted me to buy into: worldliness and “what’s-in-it-for-me”?

Q:  What was your turning point?

Ardy: My wife, who was then my fiancee, told me that she was going to a Bible study. At that time, I was depressed about a major business failure. But right before she walked through the door of my flat and said that she was leaving (for the bible study), I had prayed to the Lord in desperation: “God, if you’re real–please lift up and take out this heavy burden on my chest.” And just like that — like a gust of wind lifting up a kite — the burden was lifted and gone! And then Tingting walked in, as if on cue, and “invited” me to the Bible study. I told her I would go with her and at that Bible study, God’s words and promise became alive. I prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and then the miracles of change started to happen.

Ardy RobertoQ:  How has knowing Christ changed you?

Ardy: Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A total transformation of the heart. I could not swear or cuss, or lie. That was the immediate change. Then I started having the power to obey and have faith in God’s promises. My life has been a blessed one. And even if my beloved wife, my Swato (SWeet PotaTO) passed away recently last January 5th, the grace of God has been enough to sustain me. I’ve been grieving, but I see God grieving with me as I weep. I am moving from mourning to dancing, from grief to joy, and the Lord is there with me and my Joshy Boy (now 5 yrs old) every step of the way.



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The past few weeks have been extra difficult for Filipinos, with everything that’s happening around us. Last week, we asked some of our Facebook and Twitter followers what are the books that they turn to when they’re in need of  comfort. Here are some of their answers and also some of our recommended books. (thanks to all of those who suggested these books)


But before we start, we just have to state the obvious that of course the Bible should be the first and foremost “book” to read during those times when we are most in need of God’s comfort. The books below are just supplemental reading; words from authors who have also experienced what it is like to be sad, in pain, and in need.

And of course, share with us your own comfort books too!

God is There in the Tough Times by Ed Hindson

For those who are struggling with rejection, guilt, fear, depression, temptation, disappointment, personal crises, this is a book that will point you to Bible verses and life lessons that can help you get through these tough times.




Where Is God When It Hurts by Philip Yancey

This award-winning bestseller addresses our heartfelt cry in the midst of pain—physical, emotional, and spiritual and gives a fresh insight into how God helps us cope with this pain.





The Call to Joy and Pain by Ajith Fernando

For the Christian, joy and pain are both integral parts of a life of service to God. But though this is true, it isn’t easy to accept. This book explores the connection between rejoicing and suffering, and shows how our distress draws us nearer to God and makes us more effective in ministry.



Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

Our frenetic lifestyle has oftentimes kept us from experiencing a deep and meaningful time with God. In this collection of articles from her various newsletters, beloved author Elisabeth Elliot points the way  to a deep experience with God, away from the unsettling distractions of day-to-day living.



Finding Refuge and Strength by Harold J. Sala

When life’s storms come, find refuge in a stronghold that won’t break down. Bestselling author Harold J. Sala’s  devotional leads you to find security in God’s promises. Be encouraged each day with Scripture passages, inspiring stories, and sound guidelines for living.

Also translated inFilipino as Kanlungan Mo Sa Tag-Unos



The Heart of Healing by Ardy Roberto

Well-known entrepreneur and speaker Ardy Roberto shares his and wife Tingting’s journey to healing after a dreaded illness tests their faith. Deeply personal and insightful,the book shares the power of giving HELP to sick loved ones: Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Prayer.




It’s OK To Be Not OK by Rico Villanueva

In this candid and provocative book, Rev. Rico G. Villanueva brings us back to the biblical practice of lament found in the lament psalms and writings of the prophets. He also addresses the “praise-only” and “always-victorious” attitude of many churches that alienate the hurting, the troubled and the struggling. He shows how lament is part of the Christian life; giving hope, release and deeper intimacy with God.


What Good is God? By Philip Yancey

The best-selling author’s search for the answer to this question took him to some amazing settings around the world:  at the motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated; on the Virginia Tech campus soon after the massacre;and even to a conference for women in prostitution. Here is a story of grace for armchair travelers, spiritual seekers, and those in desperate need of assurance that their faith really matters.


All of these books are available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore and Philippine Christian Bookstores nationwide

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A friend asked me if I have read the book “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin” by Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr.  I said no, so he took the liberty to buy one for me.  I never liked reading Tagalog books or articles but since it’s a gift and the title was quite catchy, I took a mental note to read the book when I got home. After all, I think I really need help in managing my finances. For over a year that I have been employed, my savings account would still go back to zero and my passbook closed. I’ve read so many articles on managing finances and have tried them but at the end of it all, I get tired and just go back to my ways of spending and keeping money.

As I climbed on my bed, I thought “What new things will this book teach me?” Good thing the book was a mix of Filipino and English since I find some Filipino words difficult to understand. Oh yes, this is my first time to read a ‘Taglish’ book. The first few pages were interesting which urged me to read further. I expected to read same advice from financial experts and yes I did but this time with a biblical point of view! Unlike, other books or articles I’ve read on finances, this one incorporated biblical truths. A PLUS, I must say! Everyone must realize that in whatever task we are to do, the bible is a primary consultant. The book offered 7 Strategies on how to have ‘ang pera na hindi bitin.’ Like other books, to ‘save’ was cited as a strategy. I was once again given the drive to save 10% of my income for a start. For many times, I tried this but I guess saving is just one subject that I have to go through from freshman to senior years! I always flunk. I hope this time; this drive will help me spare the 10% of my salary from MOA.  Another strategy was to ‘give.’ I was reminded of Malachi 3:10 (NIV)

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

What a verse! The Lord said “Test me in this.” This is a challenge from the Lord. Are we up to the challenge? The third strategy was to ‘get out of debt and stop borrowing.’ Fortunately, I have no credit card. I applied once but the bank did not call, in short, denied. I prayed for the approval of the bank since I usually get airline tickets on the web and having my own credit card would lessen the burden of borrowing one’s account. Though, I don’t have a credit card, for the past months, I spent my money paying off airline tickets since I would get one every time there is a seat sale! Wrong move I guess because most of the time I get way out of my budget. I’m just so relieved now that I finally finished paying the tickets.

I will not further discuss the other strategies cited; it’s for you to find out when you decide to pursue the lifestyle which will lead you to ‘ang pera na hindi bitin.’ I finished the book in one sitting not only because it has few pages but because I was engrossed in reading till I forgot that it was bedtime. The book offered practical steps grounded on biblical principles which will surely help many in managing what God has given them. To answer my question, “What new things will this book teach me?” –it taught me “Huwag patayin ang manok na nangigitlog para sa’yo.”  What does this mean? Go and buy the book now so you can discover yourself! I am so thankful for my friend who gave me this book for it surely reminded me that I am just a manager of everything that I have; and I must be an excellent manager.  Kudos to “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin.”


Bitin ba lagi ang pera mo? Lagi bang kulang ang sweldo o allowance mo?

If you need a guide on how to best manage your money, get this easy-to-read and
practical book for yourself and your family—even your friends who are struggling or
always borrowing money!

Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore, Powerbooks and PCBS bookstores nationwide for only P50

Life is not meant to be lived fast-forward.

Pause for a moment…

Read books that are good for your soul…

Reflect  on your life…

This is one of a series of articles written by our home-grown OMF Lit authors to help you reflect on the things that are essential, in the midst of a world that is constantly on the go. May you be inspired to

Pause. Read. Reflect


“What have you done with my Son, Jesus?”

I don’t remember where I first heard that question thrown at me in an audience, but the question has stayed with me for many, many years.

When I reflect on the question–and Lent is always a perfect time to reflect on that question again–I realize that it’s a question of STEWARDSHIP.

Easter is a time of celebration. Jesus died but raised himself from the dead. He’s alive! It completes the Christmas story. We can now truly receive God’s gift to us–His Son, Jesus, because of the Easter resurrection story. If Jesus did not suffer and die for our sins and rise from the dead and ascend to heaven, we would still be sinners unable to save ourselves.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 (TNIV)

So what have I done with God’s gift to us–Jesus Christ?

Since encountering Jesus in a very personal way through several crises and private moments (a financial disaster/bankruptcy, a delivered promise of healing to my wife) and inviting him to be Lord and Saviour of my life, I’ve always struggled with what to do with this gift of eternal life.

I am now assured of eternal life as a gift, and all I had to do was receive it sincerely. As a steward of this gift, I am compelled to share the knowledge of how others can also receive this gift of God’s love.

At the risk of sounding like a hippie, born-again “Jesus freak” I started writing letters to friends, college buddies and family (yes, there was no internet/email then). I told them that I had discovered something better than the cure for cancer. The letter was supposed to be a short 1 or 2 pager but it became an 8 page letter explaining how I, this former agnostic / new-ager / Hugh Hefner-Playboy publishing wannabee, had discovered the promise of eternal life and living joyfully in all circumstances.

The crux of my letter was John 3:16 — “For God so loved the world (hey,  all of us!) that He gave (okay, that’s the gift) His one and only son (no other than Jesus Christ) so that whosoever believes in him, will not perish (no expiry date for us!) but have eternal life (we’d live forever in the presence of God in heaven where he promises no more tears, no pain, just joy, dancing and partying, fellowship with God and his angels ; as compared to gnashing of teeth, pain, worms eating into your flesh, tormenting flames, xth degree burns, hard labor and gangship with Satan’s cohorts )” Note that all comments in parentheses are mine, of course.

Later that letter morphed into a booklet called “Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin – How to live life content, happy and worry-free”. I printed 5,000 copies myself and my wife and I would give it away wherever we’d go: airports, restaurants, parking lots, etc. Later on we got led to offer it to a Christian publisher, OMF Lit. Since it was published about 5 years ago, OMF has printed, sold and given away more than 200,000* copies of “Buhay…” It has been a perennial best-seller for them but more than that, what matters to me are the letters that I get from readers who have encountered and received Jesus Christ through the booklet. From students to housewives, from office workers to toll booth operators, their letters are almost always the same: “Thank you for the book. I once was lost but now I’m found…” Thank you Jesus!

Encouraged by the response to my sharing God’s gift through the written word, I wrote two more books: The Heart of Healing and then Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (How to manage your money so God entrust you with more).

In the Heart of Healing, I share about God’s gift of healing (my wife, Tingting was miraculously healed of life-threatening lupus) and how anyone could receive this gift of healing as well. In this book, I also encourage readers to be stewards of healing and health. (How am I managing the health that has been given to me…?) In “Pera na Hindi Bitin”, I share the blessings of obeying God’s word and financial stewardship. (How am I managing the money or business that has been entrusted to me? How am I managing the time that has been entrusted to me?)

Stewardship has then become something all encompassing. Webster’s defines stewardship as  “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.

As writers are prone to, we can get too absorbed in our world of words and readers and sometimes forget the people closest to us. So now I ask myself, how am I handling the relationships and people that God has entrusted in my life to lead and develop and love. Have I multiplied the love that was given to me by God to love my wife, my family, my children, my friends? Or do I sometimes bury that love in the ground?

Stewardship is liberating if you think about it. We don’t own anything. Our life and everything given to us is on loan: money, possessions, relationships, people. But one thing that can never be taken away from us if we have truly received it, is the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

So this lent season, let’s ask ourselves:

What have I done with Jesus?


© Ardy Roberto 2011


Ardy Roberto is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and international award-winning seminar producer. He cowrites a weekly column, MarketingRx, for the Philippine Daily Inquirer together with his father, marketing guru, Dr Ned Roberto.

Ardy, together with his wife, Tingting, is the co-founder and Chairman of Salt & Light Ventures, Inc. They are the only learning event organizers to have won both local and international awards for the seminars and conferences that they have produced and marketed.

He has written 3 books for OMF Literature: Ang Buhay Na Hindi Bitin, the Gintong Aklat finalist The Heart of Healing, and his latest, the best-selling Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin.

We’re reposting a review of Ardy Roberto’s Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin from Krizza’s blog, Life’s Tips and Tricks. You can read the whole review here. Thanks for this review!


Last night, I just finished reading a book which I received as a gift from my daughter Mikz.  The book is titled “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin” by Eduardo O. Roberto Jr.

This book was written in “Taglish”.  The approach was very light. The author, Eduardo Roberto Jr. was successful in making this book interesting for both the matured and the young readers.  This book mainly covered the basic principles of handling money, quoting some verses in the bible as a guide and included the author’s practical advises based from his own life experiences.
What makes this book unique and different from other financial books in the market is the fact that this book is not a book for those who would like to become “super rich”. But rather, it is a summary of the biblical principles of money on how we can be financially literate, at the same time enjoying what we have.  In short, how can we be contented with what we have on biblical point of view.  While it’s through that God never wanted us to experience poverty, He also likes us to learn how to take care of the “riches” that he entrusted to us.
The author tackled in a brief but direct manner the 7 strategies to financial literacy, as follows:
1.) Save
2.) Give
3.) Get out of debt and stop borrowing
4.) Live Simply
5.) Magsipag, Magnegosyo
6.) Mag invest
7.) Educate Yourself
To read the full review, click here
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Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin is an original OMF Lit title. You can buy it all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore, Powerbooks and PCBS branches nationwide. For more information, visit our website,

Our guest blogger for today is a self-confessed Grace Addict named John Hofilena. He thinks of himself as a hybrid of a writer/gamer/guitarist/redeemed. You can check out his other writings at his blog here.

Here he reviews Ardy Roberto’s Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin, a simple and easy guide on how to best manage your money


Good solid “money matters” advice for Christians

People have always been iffy about Christian books purporting to dispense financial advice “from the Lord”, and with good reason. In most cases these books run on two extremes – 1) “the Lord wants ALL Christians to be rich”, or at the other extreme 2) “Give all your money away; it is the root of all evil. Stay away from it and from credit cards as well.” It is precisely for this reason why Christian financial books do not get to have the credibility one would think they should have – they come from ideological extremes.

And it is precisely what makes Eduardo O. Roberto Jr.’s tiny book on Christian financial concepts Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin very effective – it tackles practical and real-life issues while taking great efforts to remain biblically grounded. The title of the book builds on Roberto’s earlier offering called “Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin”, a small pocket resource on living a God-centered worry-free life.

The book itself is very small in size, one that you can finish in one sitting – although I suggest that either you read a chapter at a time for full effect, or keep coming back to it to re-learn the concepts. Ninety-seven pages long (or short, depending on your perspective), it is nonetheless packed with solid financial concepts.

The chapters of this book – aptly named Strategies – build on real-world financial strategies like getting out and staying out of debt, living a simple life, working hard and earning, and investing. If you want to hear about Christian and biblical perspectives on these issues, this book is a great place to start. Roberto has peppered his personal experiences and advice with a lot of biblical foundation – see (or read) for yourself, you will learn a lot from these. I know I did.

Two of the biggest strategies for me come right at the beginning of this book, and rightly so – they are the chapters on Saving and Giving. In these chapters Roberto gives a clear picture on what your savings could become and how it could help you build for your future. He also sheds light on the biblical perspective of giving back to God what is due Him, and what this habit could mean for your life.

The book is short, but not on all the right financial advice for Christians. It may be small, but it has great potential to be a truly substantial holiday gift idea for your friends, church mates, and family.


Bitin ba lagi ang pera mo? Lagi bang kulang ang sweldo o allowance mo?

If you need a guide on how to best manage your money, get this easy-to-read and practical book for yourself and your family—even your friends who are struggling or always borrowing money!

Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin is available at all OMF Lit Bookshops, National Bookstore, Powebooks and PCBS branches for only P50